Gummies PIZZA, 100 pcs
Code: V281J1K
Barcode: 6970226482543
Bananas in chocolate SIR CHARLES, 300 g
Code: X408209
Barcode: 9002859058172
Coloured raisins, (1) kg
Code: V2810CM
Barcode: 4771173174077
Chocolate candies assorted LAIMA, 95g
Code: X406591
Barcode: 4750001943412
Peanut covered with white taste daub, (1) kg
Code: V2810CE
Barcode: 4771173174015
Chocolate sweets VILNIUS, with liqueurs, 180g
Code: V28J5AV
Barcode: 4750001943030
Milk chocolate candies assorted LAIMA 215 g
Code: V28J58Z
Barcode: 4750001008180
Dark chocolate asorti LAIMA Lietuva, 360 g
Code: V28J55R
Barcode: 4750001817034
Dark chocolate sweets VILNIUS, 360 g
Code: V283544
Barcode: 4750001008067
Chocolate candies assorted LAIMA, 470 g
Code: V28J590
Barcode: 4750001814743
Chocolate collection CHOCO PARTY Best Wishes, 75 g
Code: U2816E6
Barcode: 5901177153665
Truffles BELGIAN TRUFFLES cocoa, 150 g
Code: V28E000
Barcode: 5420066370018
Dragee DAIM,100 g.
Code: U281130
Barcode: 7310510001859
Chocolates DAIM Mini, 200 g
Code: V281134
Barcode: 7622400928604
Milk chocolate  TOBLERONE Tiny, bag, 200 g
Code: U284123
Barcode: 7622210416568
Chocolate TOBLERONE box, 200 g
Code: U44234K
Barcode: 7622210411136
Chocolate  Toblerone Variety, 248g
Code: U44234J
Barcode: 7622210418821
Marabou Crisp Bites, 140g
Code: U44239A
Barcode: 7622210840202
Marabou Oreo Bites , 140g
Code: U44239B
Barcode: 7622210871978
Marabou DAIM BITES, 145g
Code: U44239C
Barcode: 7622210741530