Fruit pastilles TUTTI FRUTTI, 15 g
Code: V28820U
Barcode: 6410107200410
Pastilles MYNTHON Citrus Multivitamin, 34 g
Code: V288333
Barcode: 6420256001349
Caramel ROSHEN Barberry, 126 g
Code: V28994V
Barcode: 4770115181159
Sweets VILNIAUS PERGALĖ Arfa, 1 kg
Code: V28C9J0
Barcode: 4770179107713
SKITTLES Crazy Sours Pouch, 174 g
Code: M4014A1
Barcode: 4009900465304
Sweets PERGALĖ Vilnius, 3 kg
Code: V280250
Barcode: 4770179107126
Candies TIC TAC, mint flavour, 18 g
Code: V281316
Barcode: 80052043
Chewy candy FRITT, 70 g
Code: V281F10
Barcode: 4000607523106
Candies TOFFIFEE, 125 g
Code: V285153
Barcode: 4014400400007
Gummies Fries, 112 g.
Code: V28J5AF
Barcode: 8420030382242
Candies TIC TAC, orange flavour, 18 g
Code: V281317
Barcode: 80052333
Candies on stick ROKS MIDI, fruit taste, 150 pcs
Code: V285742
Barcode: 4829898040327
Glazed gummy, Bears, 200g
Code: V28J5AH
Barcode: 5905068692011
Candies TIC TAC, strawberry flavour, 18 g
Code: V281318
Barcode: 80800019
Candies TOFFIFEE, 125 g
Code: V285157
Barcode: 4014400400007
Caramel SWEET DROP, 150 g
Code: V28B23C
Barcode: 4823077623684
Gummies DUPLEX MIX 150g
Code: V28J5AK
Barcode: 5905061204464
Caramel BON PARI Original, 90 g
Code: V28122L
Barcode: 8593893737280
Gummies AMERICAN PIZZA, 150g
Code: V28J5AL
Barcode: 8420036201011
Waffle sweets MEŠKA ŠIAURĖJE, 1 kg
Code: V36U77K
Barcode: 4770179118320
Caramel BON PARI, fruit, and vitamin C, 90 g
Code: V28122M
Barcode: 8593893753969
Jelly sweets CITRINUKAS, 2 kg
Code: V282859
Barcode: 4779037850181
AFTER EIGHT Classic, 200g
Code: V286628
Barcode: 7613032596668
Chocolate sweets CANDY NUT, with peanuts, 1 kg
Code: V28C220
Barcode: 4823077624001
Code: V28J5AM
Barcode: 5905061608873
Jelly candies MINI KŪBELIAI, 2 kg
Code: V282891
Barcode: 4779037850174
Sweets MERCI Crispy Almond, 250 g
Code: V28513E
Barcode: 4014400917956
Gummies SOUR SPAGHETTI, 6 flavours, 150g
Code: V28J5AN
Barcode: 5905065179201
ICE COOL Caramel, mint flavor, 100 g
Code: V28K153
Barcode: 5906743100364
Sweets MALTESERS, 135g
Code: V43615S
Barcode: 5000159414197
Caramel BIBI, fruit taste, 60 g
Code: U281532
Barcode: 5906743100715
Sweets MERCI Grosse, 250 g
Code: V28513A
Barcode: 4014400901191
Jellys RED BAND Truly Party Animals, 110 g
Code: V28820A
Barcode: 8713800115622
Sweets ROSHEN Konafetto, with cream-milk, 1 kg
Code: V28C23P
Barcode: 4823077627453
Gelly sweets, 2,5 kg
Code: V28L873
Barcode: 4770250174085
Sweets MALTESERS, 85g.
Code: V43615T
Barcode: 5000159417365
Jellys RED BAND Sour Bears, 100 g
Code: V28820E
Barcode: 8713800121029
Sweets ROSHEN Konafetto Nero, with filling, 1 kg
Code: V28C245
Barcode: 4823077627439
BIBI caramel, fruit flavored, 1,5 kg
Code: V28K151
Barcode: 5906743100517
Sweets SKAWA Grietininiai, 70g
Code: V36357J
Barcode: 5902978002374
no image
Chocolate collection MUUUU!, 200 g
Code: U21561A
Barcode: 5900353614839
Lollipops ZOZOLE, orange flavour, 30 g
Code: U21561E
Barcode: 5900353554548
Jellys RED BAND Giant gummies, 200 g
Code: V28820Y
Barcode: 8713800121067
Sweets SKAWA Korsarai, coconut flavour, 70 g
Code: V36357K
Barcode: 5902978002428
Lollipops ZOZOLE, strawberry flavour, 30 g
Code: U21561F
Barcode: 5900353555057
Sweets Azorika chocolate taste, 1 kg
Code: U28181P
Barcode: 4823085712783