Skittles Winter LE 95g
Code: C046664
Barcode: 4009900537094
Sweets CELEBRATION a sweet form box, 98g
Code: C047935
Barcode: 5000159500739
Candy M&M Peanut Mini Christmas, 45g
Code: M018266
Barcode: 5000159476782
M&M's Speckled eggs 80g
Code: M0182G1
Barcode: 5900951274923
Dragee DAIM,225 g.
Code: U281139
Barcode: 7622201801458
Chocolates LUKAS Sharzan, 3 kg
Code: U288533
Barcode: 4823054604460
Cake FONTANA Pannetone Classic, 500 g
Code: U288534
Barcode: 8005505005774
Candy  JELLY BELLY Cocktail Classics, 70 g
Code: U363140
Barcode: 968622358
Candy  JELLY BELLY 20 Flavours, 70 g
Code: U363141
Barcode: 7748977591
Candy  JELLY BELLY Sours, 70 g
Code: U363142
Barcode: 968622177
Candy  JELLY BELLY Ice Cream Mix, 70 g
Code: U363143
Barcode: 968622360
Candy  JELLY BELLY Bubble Gum, 70 g
Code: U363144
Barcode: 7748980769
Candy  JELLY BELLY Wonder Woman, 60 g
Code: U363145
Barcode: 7748979020
Candy  JELLY BELLY Batman, 60 g
Code: U363146
Barcode: 7748979025
Candy  JELLY BELLY  Bean Boozled, 54g
Code: U363148
Barcode: 1891837
Candy MILKY WAY Mini's, 206 g
Code: U9JAT0E
Barcode: 5000159474009
Gums HARIBO Mini Color - Rado, 350 g
Code: U9JAT0F
Barcode: 4001686720233
Gums HARIBO DJ Brause, 175 g
Code: U9JAT0H
Barcode: 4001686329115
Gums HARIBO Leckerbissen, 175 g
Code: U9JAT0J
Barcode: 4001686410509
Candy KIDDY Peanut Caramel, 1 kg
Code: V12C31N
Barcode: 4823103004876
Sweets SCHOGETTEN Milk, 1.8 kg
Code: V195030
Barcode: 4000607190209
Gummies TROOSIK Darks, 90 g
Code: V203910
Barcode: 4770179182024
Gummies TROOSIK Mixed Colors, 90 g
Code: V203916
Barcode: 4770179182031
Gummies TROOSIK Brights, 90 g
Code: V203917
Barcode: 4770179181935
Sweets LAIMA Vesma, chocolate, 1 kg
Code: V206427
Barcode: 4750001954616
Sweets LAIMA, with milk filling, 204g
Code: V206429
Barcode: 4750001954449
Dragee RŪTA Žara, 100 g
Code: V280288
Barcode: 4770123207445
Dragee RŪTA Meškiukas Rudnosiukas, 150 g
Code: V280820
Barcode: 4770123192413
Caramel ROSHEN Mintex Mint, mint flavour, 1 kg
Code: V281168
Barcode: 4823077632327
Chocolate egg DOG Toy, 21 g
Code: V281M26
Barcode: 6937290401856
Chocolate egg COSMETIC, 21 g
Code: V281M27
Barcode: 6937290404475
Milk chocolate LAIMA Drako, 20 g
Code: V28353M
Barcode: 4750001952278
Chocolate asorti MILKA Egg Hunt Basket, 162 g
Code: V28798Q
Barcode: 7622201419332
Jellys RED BAND Sweet Strawberries, 100 g
Code: V28821A
Barcode: 8713800133404
Jellies LADYBIRD, 1 kg
Code: V28994Y
Barcode: 4823077603945
Caramel ROSHEN, Yogurtini, 1 kg
Code: V28C24A
Barcode: 4823077627200
Jellies JELLY, 1kg
Code: V28C24K
Barcode: 4823077605215
Chewing candy DRAKO Mix, 2 kg
Code: V28J59A
Barcode: 4740012026433
Chocolate sweets LAIMA Diana, 1 kg
Code: V28J5A2
Barcode: 4750001951219
Candy PERGALE Fortune Winter Spells, 1 kg
Code: V36U783
Barcode: 4770179999592
Candy PERGALE Nomeda, with ginger and melon,  1 kg
Code: V36U785
Barcode: 4770179121221
Code: V9A20CG
Barcode: 5010933012075
Chocolate peanuts SALYSOL, 60 g
Code: X411156
Barcode: 8423371000493
Chocolates BOUNTY, 2,5 kg
Code: M0111CL
Barcode: 83892985