Other preserved vegetables

Grilled Artichokes with stem, RISTORIS,  750g/450g
Code: X404248
Barcode: 8056515241485
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Grilled artichoke quarters RISTORIS, 750g/450 g
Code: U411301
Barcode: 8056515241492
Grilled boretto onions RISTORIS, 750g/450g
Code: U411302
Barcode: 8056515241515
no image
Artichoke hearts, RISTORIS, 390/240g
Code: U411311
Barcode: 8056515243847
no image
Artichoke hearts, RISTORIS, 2500/1350g
Code: U411312
Barcode: 8056515241379
Vegetable mix RISTORIS, 1955g/1100g
Code: X404269
Barcode: 8056515241843
no image
Vapeur lentilles BONDUELLE, 425 ml
Code: U26218E
Barcode: 3083681003963
Code: U418121
Barcode: 8009611005901
Code: U418122
Barcode: 8009611006212
no image
Canned grape leaves GOURMANTE, 450/240 g
Code: U41121N
Barcode: 5200110730513
Sauerkraut with carrots TASTE LAND, 860 g / 560 g
Code: U26474L
Barcode: 4771459047392
Swedish salad TASTE LAND, 850  g/480  g
Code: U26P5C6
Barcode: 4771459047385
Cannet silver onions KEDAINIU,330g
Code: V17322Q
Barcode: 4770583215240
no image
Spicy carrot salad KĖDAINIŲ, 480g
Code: V26H5K8
Barcode: 4770583205685
no image
Pilaff with pork KĖDAINIŲ, 480g
Code: V26M5N5
Barcode: 4770583214410
no image
Buckwheat porridge with meat KKF, 480g
Code: V26H5KA
Barcode: 4770583214595
no image
Sauerkraut KĖDAINIŲ, 900 g
Code: V26M5KT
Barcode: 4770583201755
no image
Capers Surfines GREENHOUSE, 200 g / 120 g
Code: V26K4R9
Barcode: 5997393102068
no image
Silverskin onions GREENHOUSE, 320g/ 190g
Code: V26L5X1
Barcode: 5410524060186
no image
Capers Surfines GREENHOUSE, 680 g / 380 g
Code: V26K4RA
Barcode: 5410524129104
Grilled eggplants in sunflower oil, 760 g
Code: U2636V5
Barcode: 8025797184001
no image
Artichoke slices in water, 1,35/2,5 kg
Code: U4112V5
Barcode: 8025797100100
Lentils In Water VICTORIA, 400 g
Code: U2636VM
Barcode: 8000483160002
Onions WASTA, 320/190 g
Code: U264A1N
Barcode: 4008465001286
Pickled onions, 320 g
Code: U5083AN
Barcode: 4008463111260
no image
Bean sprouts TWIN ELEPHANT Mung, 420 g
Code: V95J5AF
Barcode: 8851011223252
Garlic in vinegar, 0,67/0,42 kg
Code: U26P7FC
Barcode: 5902166705728
Onions, marinated,  3,9 kg / 2,2 kg
Code: U264861
Barcode: 4008465002894
Pickled ginger - WHITE - Premium EAT - 1 kg
Code: U9H3PR3
Barcode: 5902846050209
Onions BORETTANE, in balsamic vinegar, 800/500 g
Code: U2636V7
Barcode: 8025797181604
Caper fruits in vinegar RISTORIS, 530g/300 g
Code: U411300
Barcode: 8056515242185
Soybean sprouts in brine, 3 kg / 1,5 kg
Code: U26468F
Barcode: 4003271045608
Spread SKANOVE with dried boletus, 190g
Code: V923J06
Barcode: 4770321135120