Mixed vegetables

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Corn and Peas BONDUELLE, 150 g
Code: U26213C
Barcode: 3083680726962
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Corn and Peas BONDUELLE, 340 g
Code: U262139
Barcode: 3083680727006
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Peas with carrot cubes BONDUELLE, 400 g / 240 g
Code: U262124
Barcode: 3083680084345
Lecho, NEZHIN, 450g
Code: V26N59E
Barcode: 4823006801435
Ragout NEZHIN, Mexican fiesta, 470 g
Code: V26N59F
Barcode: 4823006805037
Squash paste, NEZHIN, 450 g
Code: V26N59J
Barcode: 4823006801862
Adjika NEZHIN, hot, 450 g
Code: V26N59L
Barcode: 4823006802401
Eggplant paste, NEZHIN, Ukrainian, 450 g
Code: V26N59M
Barcode: 4823006802135
Eggplants NEZHIN, Greek style, 450g
Code: V26N59N
Barcode: 4823006802418
Eggplants NEZHIN, In adjika, 450 g
Code: V26N59P
Barcode: 4823006802395
Snack to beer and smoked ears KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V26E5KE
Barcode: 4770583215899
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Beetroot salad with onions KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V26E5K2
Barcode: 4770583205173
Mustard cucumber salad SPILVA, 390 g
Code: V53919C
Barcode: 4770135207679
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Canned lecho ITA, 680 g
Code: V26N59A
Barcode: 5999503851859
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Sweet pepper snack SKANOVĖ, spicy, 500 g
Code: V266021
Barcode: 4770321106151