Cream Soup of Chicken 840g
Code: U272561
Barcode: 8410300347248
Code: U272562
Barcode: 8410300346715
Code: U272563
Barcode: 8410300356141
no image
Soup KEDAINIU with meat, 480g
Code: V26M6A8
Barcode: 4770583224709
Soup KEDAINIU with salmon, 480g
Code: V26M6A9
Barcode: 4770583224716
Soup KEDAINIU with mushrooms, 480g
Code: V26M6B1
Barcode: 4770583224983
Soup MOČIUTĖS RECEPTAI, beetroot, 480 g
Code: V330207
Barcode: 4770583226062
Soup MOČIUTĖS RECEPTAI, sour cucumbers, 480 g
Code: V330209
Barcode: 4770583227021
Spicy curry soup AUGA EKO, 400g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V33041P
Barcode: 4779039731181
no image
Champignon soup AUGA EKO,creamy, 400 g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V33041U
Barcode: 4779039730283
Soup DAUMANTŲ, with fresh cabbage, 460 g
Code: V508MCC
Barcode: 4770491217725
Sorrel Soup  DAUMANTŲ, 470 g
Code: V508MCE
Barcode: 4770491217718
Borscht DAUMANTŲ, with fresh cabbage, 460 g
Code: V508MCF
Barcode: 4770491217732
Cucumber Soup DAUMANTŲ, 470 g
Code: V508MCH
Barcode: 4770491217701
no image
KĖDAINIŲ Vegetable stew with muchrooms, 0.5/480g
Code: V17311Q
Barcode: 4770583201298
no image
Sorrel soup KĖDAINIŲ with smoked ham, 480 g
Code: V26D7KM
Barcode: 4770583214717
no image
Goulash KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V26E5KS
Barcode: 4770583214540
no image
Charco KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V26E5KT
Barcode: 4770583214755
no image
Chicken soup with noodles KĖDAINIŲ, 500 g
Code: V26E5KV
Barcode: 4770583214793
no image
Armenian soup KĖDAINIŲ, with beef, 480 g
Code: V33016F
Barcode: 4770583217695
no image
Beans soup KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V33016J
Barcode: 4770583201762
no image
Minestrone soup KĖDAINIŲ, with meat, 480 g
Code: V33016K
Barcode: 4770583214083
no image
Soup with mushroom KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V26E5KZ
Barcode: 4770583214038
no image
Code: V3301A7
Barcode: 4770583221685
Pickled cucumbers soup KĖDAINIŲ, 2.5 kg, can
Code: V3301CE
Barcode: 4770583223511
no image
Beetroot soup KĖDAINIŲ, 2,5 kg
Code: V3301CH
Barcode: 4770583223597
no image
Soup BARŠČIAI with boletus, 0.5/ 480g
Code: V3301CK
Barcode: 4770583205111
no image
Beet root soup KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g, 0,5 l
Code: V26E5K5
Barcode: 4770583214014
no image
Bortsch with cabbage KĖDAINIŲ, in glass, 0,5 l
Code: V26E5K6
Barcode: 4770583214021
no image
Peas soop KĖDAINIŲ with flank in glass, 480 g
Code: V26E5KA
Barcode: 4770583214137
no image
Pickled cucumbers soup KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V26M5M1
Barcode: 4770583205203
Goulash soup OBELIŲ, without preservatives, 480g
Code: V41224X
Barcode: 4779035963708
Tomato soup AUGA ORGANIC, creamy, 400g LT-EKO-001
Code: V9MC5CE
Barcode: 4779039730276
no image
Beetroot soup AUGA EKO, borsch, 400g LT-EKO-001
Code: V33041J
Barcode: 4779039730313
Carrot soup AUGA ORGANIC, creamy, 400g LT-EKO-001
Code: V9MC5CA
Barcode: 4779039730306
no image
Ukrainian borsch KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V26M5M2
Barcode: 4770583205845
Stew KEDAINIU mexican, 480g
Code: V26M6B2
Barcode: 4770583226567
no image
Stew KEDAINIU with chicken, 480g
Code: V26M6A7
Barcode: 4770583224693