Sweet corn and kidney been mix, 170g
Code: U262661
Barcode: 3083680715416
Sweet corn, bell peppers and chilli peppers, 165g
Code: U262662
Barcode: 3083680975162
Corn Snack, 170g
Code: U262663
Barcode: 3083681127171
Pickled cucumbers TASTE LAND, 1,55 kg / 0,8kg
Code: U264733
Barcode: 4771459076217
Sauerkraut DAWTONA, 680/380 g
Code: U264738
Barcode: 5901713016805
Pickled cucumbers TASTE LAND, 860 g / 460 g
Code: U264742
Barcode: 4771459076231
Pickled cucumbers TASTE LAND, sliced, 650 g  / 360 g
Code: U264744
Barcode: 4771459076248
no image
Pickled cucumbers TASTE LAND,  1-5cm, 340 g / 190g
Code: U264745
Barcode: 4771459076354
Jalapeno TASTE LAND, canned, sliced, 340 g / 190 g
Code: U2647F3
Barcode: 4771459077603
Pickled cucumbers MAMMINGER, 55/60, 9,7/5,6 kg
Code: U264A1W
Barcode: 4771459067017
no image
Sweet corn WALDI BEN, canned, 420 g / 260 g
Code: U264H12
Barcode: 5902256003680
no image
Sweet corn, canned, 420 g / 260 g
Code: U264H17
Barcode: 4771459077962
Pickled peppers quarters  680g / 280 g
Code: U26P5C7
Barcode: 5902009000393
HNZ Beanz Fridge Pack       ( 6)     1kg
Code: U411973
Barcode: 50157815
Marinated cornichons MAMMINGER , 4kg / 2,15 kg
Code: U5083AS
Barcode: 4008463125144
Canned sweet corn KEDAINIU 285g
Code: V17316Q
Barcode: 4770583216070
Pickled red beetroots KEDAINIU, 0.9/495g
Code: V173V66
Barcode: 4770583202011
Soup KEDAINIU with meat, 480g
Code: V26M6A8
Barcode: 4770583224709
Soup KEDAINIU with salmon, 480g
Code: V26M6A9
Barcode: 4770583224716
Soup KEDAINIU with mushrooms, 480g
Code: V26M6B1
Barcode: 4770583224983
no image
Marinated cut beets, 4,2l / 4,1l/ 2,05kg
Code: V330204
Barcode: 4770583221999
Spicy curry soup AUGA EKO, 400g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V33041P
Barcode: 4779039731181
no image
Champignon soup AUGA EKO,creamy, 400 g
Code: V33041U
Barcode: 4779039730283
no image
Peeled Tomatoes MUTTI  Gastronomia, 2,5 /1,65 kg
Code: U254P3J
Barcode: 8005110043109
no image
BONDUELLE garden peas, 2,5 / 1,745 kg
Code: U26211L
Barcode: 3083681014143
no image
Corn and Peas BONDUELLE, 150 g
Code: U26213C
Barcode: 3083680726962
no image
Canned sweet maize BONDUELLE, 670g/570g
Code: U26213L
Barcode: 3083680009836
Canned jalapen MIKADO, sliced, 370 g / 190 g
Code: U263627
Barcode: 4007415015267
Code: U51431D
Barcode: 3083681077803
no image
KĖDAINIŲ Vegetable stew with muchrooms, 0.5/480g
Code: V17311Q
Barcode: 4770583201298
no image
DAUMANTU Tradiciniai, marinated beetroot, 500 g
Code: V26E583
Barcode: 4770491215639
no image
Canned SORREL, 480g
Code: V33016V
Barcode: 4770583205135
Pickled cucumbers DAUMANTŲ, 680 g / 380 g
Code: V508M96
Barcode: 4770491215295
Grilled Artichokes with stem, RISTORIS,  750g/450g
Code: X404248
Barcode: 8056515241485
Sauteed Nameko mushrooms RISTORIS, 800g/545g
Code: X405126
Barcode: 8056515241034
no image
Red beans  RISTORIS, 800 g/ 480g
Code: X406420
Barcode: 8056515240778
Sweet and sour mini peppers RISTORIS, 790 g/325 g
Code: X408094
Barcode: 8056515243984
no image
Finely Chopped Tomatoes MUTTI, 400 g
Code: U254P3E
Barcode: 80042556
no image
Corn and Peas BONDUELLE, 340 g
Code: U262139
Barcode: 3083680727006
no image
Sweet maize BONDUELLE, 530g / 360g
Code: U26213M
Barcode: 3083680015424
no image
Vapeur chick peas BONDUELLE, 265g/310g
Code: U262189
Barcode: 3083681003949
no image
Pickled champignons BONDUELLE Traditional, 314 ml
Code: U26222A
Barcode: 5900281000568
Canned chili pepper MIKADO, 0,65 kg / 0,3 kg
Code: U2647CL
Barcode: 4007415006487