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Spicy coated peanuts Katj Ped, 1 kg
Code: U361478
Barcode: 4771459070895
Roasted and salted groundnuts ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V36410A
Barcode: 4771249813176
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Peanuts in shell, roasted, 150 g
Code: V36254F
Barcode: 4771249812742
Peanuts  JĖGA, with cheese and onions, 70 g
Code: V36UC1W
Barcode: 4771173100007
Peanuts JĖGA, with chilli, 70 g
Code: V36UC1X
Barcode: 4771173208215
Peanuts JĖGA, with paprika, 70 g
Code: V36UC1Y
Barcode: 4771173208024
Roasted and salted peanuts, 100 g
Code: V36UH36
Barcode: 4770111202025
Roasted peanuts KRASZKI, salted, 150 g
Code: U36117A
Barcode: 5901125000157
Peanuts BOSO, roasted and salted, 80 g
Code: V363412
Barcode: 4771632084282
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Peanuts halves, blanched, kg (25)
Code: V3635A1
Barcode: 4771459221297
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Peanuts, with skin 40/50, kg (25)
Code: V361111
Barcode: 4771459221266
Peanuts "MOGYI", roasted, salted, 170g
Code: V36135A
Barcode: 5997347541967
Peanuts, salted, roasted, 10 kg
Code: V5391A3
Barcode: 4771459070505
Peanuts ESTRELLA Double salt 140g
Code: X409556
Barcode: 4779028345511
Nuts ESTRELLA cooked in the oven with salt, 220g
Code: C048371
Barcode: 4779028345290
Salt roasted peanuts ESTRELLA , 400 g
Code: X409555
Barcode: 4779028345191
Barbecue flavoured peanuts JĖGA, 70 g
Code: V36UC1V
Barcode: 4771173208208
Toasted onion peanuts ESTRELLA, crispy shell,140g
Code: V36U20P
Barcode: 7310532152003
Roasted peanuts ESTRELLA with salt, 175 g
Code: V36U20L
Barcode: 7310532151402
Salt roasted peanuts ESTRELLA Oven Roast, 140 g
Code: V36U20C
Barcode: 4779028344774
Honey roasted peanuts ESTRELLA, 140 g
Code: U36143P
Barcode: 7310532151549
Salted roasted peanuts ESTRELLA, 140 g
Code: U36143R
Barcode: 7310532151532