Peanuts FORCE, crispy skin with paprika, 500g
Code: U2181KN
Barcode: 4771173211673
Peanuts FORCE, crispy skin with onion, 500g
Code: U2181KS
Barcode: 4771173211680
no image
Fried rice risotto snack, 2.5 kg  D
Code: U36145F
Barcode: 1449
no image
Crackers, with sea salt, kg D
Code: U36145H
Barcode: 1450
no image
Fried rice risotto snack, 2 kg D
Code: U36145N
Barcode: 4771459688656
no image
Crackers, with sea salt, 2.5kg D
Code: U36145P
Barcode: 4771459688663
no image
Crackers, with sesame and black pepper, 2.5kg D
Code: U36145R
Barcode: 4771459688670
Almond nuts ARIMEX, 1kg
Code: V36117A
Barcode: 4771249812070
no image
Almonds ARIMEX, 300 g
Code: V364083
Barcode: 4771249817693
no image
Walnuts ARIMEX, 300 g
Code: V364087
Barcode: 4771249815958
no image
Cashew nuts ARIMEX, 300 g
Code: V3640RE
Barcode: 4771249816078
no image
Hazelnuts ARIMEX, 300 g
Code: V3640RL
Barcode: 4771249817068
Pistachios ARIMEX Premium, salted, 300 g
Code: V3640RW
Barcode: 4771249815323
Roasted peanuts ESTRELLA, with chilli, 140g
Code: V36U399
Barcode: 7310532152102
Roasted peanuts ESTRELLA, caramel flavour, 140g
Code: V36U999
Barcode: 7310532152119
no image
Cedar nuts, 1 kg
Code: V36UC4M
Barcode: 4771459070840
no image
Walnuts, 30 % halves, 70 % pieces, 1 kg
Code: V507180
Barcode: 4750195018262
Peanuts BOSO, cheese and onion flavor, 190 g
Code: V9A20CU
Barcode: 4771632314686
Peanuts BOSO, sour cream and onion flavor, 190g
Code: V9A20CV
Barcode: 4771632311944
Nut mix PREMIUM,salted, dried roasted 1kg D
Code: V9N959K
Barcode: 4771459688540
no image
Hazelnuts, BRC, 1 kg
Code: V9Z1188
Barcode: 4771459689455
Pistachios Roasted,  10kg D
Code: V9Z118M
Barcode: 4771459071113
no image
Hazelnuts, blanched, baked, 10 kg
Code: V9Z118N
Barcode: 4771459064191
no image
Cedar nuts, shelled, 50 g
Code: V9Z1190
Barcode: 4771249811844
no image
Cedar nuts, shelled, 50 g
Code: V362562
Barcode: 4771249811844
Pistachios, roasted, salted, 1 kg
Code: V364073
Barcode: 4771249812087
no image
Hazelnuts ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V364091
Barcode: 4771249811219
no image
Cashew nuts ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V3640A1
Barcode: 4771249811257
no image
Peanuts ARIMEX, 200 g
Code: V364102
Barcode: 4771249811196
no image
Pecans nuts ARIMEX, 1   g
Code: V36410E
Barcode: 4771249815712
no image
Brazil nuts ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V36410N
Barcode: 4771249811707
Dried coconut slices, kg
Code: V36U5E0
Barcode: 1431
no image
Almonds blanched, 1 kg
Code: V36U5FS
Barcode: 1444
Roasted macadami shelled, kg
Code: U95031Y
Barcode: 893
Peanuts O!NUTS roasted and salted, 150 g
Code: V364037
Barcode: 4771459067512