Nuts, seeds, dried fruits

Mixed Super Extra Nuts CASTANIA, 450g
Code: U2647H0
Barcode: 5281009276329
no image
Dried boletus, strips, 50 g
Code: U3611A0
Barcode: 4779021901042
Rice Crackers Fried Chilli, 2,5 kg
Code: U361452
Barcode: 8710105963248
Freeze-dried basil, 5 g
Code: V332318
Barcode: 4779048621084
Dried fruit and nut mix, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V364002
Barcode: 4771249819062
Cranberries O!NUTS, 150 g
Code: V364039
Barcode: 4771459067567
Plums O!NUTS, 200 g
Code: V364052
Barcode: 4771459067543
no image
Fennel Seed Whole SANTA MARIA,300g
Code: V36VF5H
Barcode: 7311311011771
Golden raisins O!NUTS, 200 g
Code: V9Z116K
Barcode: 4771459073865
Mixed Extra Nuts CASTANIA, 450g
Code: U2647H1
Barcode: 5281009276336
no image
Dried Squirrels, 50 g
Code: U3611A1
Barcode: 4779021902834
Rice Creckers Geisha Mix,  8 kg
Code: U361454
Barcode: 8710105965488
no image
Dill Seed 450Gx6
Code: V31450L
Barcode: 7311311011757
Freeze-dried cranberries, 12 g
Code: V332314
Barcode: 4779048620797
Dried fruit and seed mix, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400K
Barcode: 4771249819086
Raisins Jumbo O!NUTS, 200 g
Code: V364049
Barcode: 4771459067536
Apricots O!NUTS, 200 g
Code: V364053
Barcode: 4771459067550
Cranberries ARIMEX , 100 g
Code: V36410H
Barcode: 4771249817082
Mixed Kernels CASTANIA, 300g
Code: U2647H3
Barcode: 5281009296303
no image
Dried gyroporus, strips, 50 g
Code: U3611A2
Barcode: 4779021901059
Roasted salted giant corn, 5 kg
Code: U361455
Barcode: 4771459070956
Freeze-dried tomatoes, 15 g
Code: V332317
Barcode: 4779048620711
Dried berries mix, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400M
Barcode: 4771249824738
Cranberries ARIMEX, 500g
Code: V36410R
Barcode: 4771249819109
Banana chips ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V364267
Barcode: 4771249812735
no image
Organic raisin Arimex Organic, 200g
Code: V36523P
Barcode: 4771249822130
Mixed Super Extra Nuts CASTANIA, 300g
Code: U2647H4
Barcode: 5281009545340
Roasted ketchup taste corn, 1 kg
Code: U36146L
Barcode: 1410
White fungus mushrooms DIAMOND, 100 g
Code: V12222A
Barcode: 4316734039657
Freeze-dried raspberries, 15 g
Code: V332309
Barcode: 4779048620674
Dried dates ARIMEX, 150 g
Code: V36401E
Barcode: 4771249811455
Dried goji berries ARIMEX, 500 g
Code: V3640RM
Barcode: 4771249819468
Raisins SULTANA, ARIMEX, 200 g
Code: V364111
Barcode: 4771249811264
Nuts, seeds and dried dates dices mix 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36U5H5
Barcode: 4771249822055
Mixed Extra Nuts CASTANIA, 300g
Code: U2647H5
Barcode: 5281009545357
Fried salted chickpeas, 1 kg
Code: U36146P
Barcode: 1435
Black fungus mushrooms DIAMOND, 100 g
Code: V12222C
Barcode: 8717703620320
Freeze-dried strawberries, 15 g
Code: V332310
Barcode: 4779048620636
Mix with tropical fruits, 200 g
Code: V36400H
Barcode: 4771249818447
Schoolchildren mix ARIMEX, 150 g
Code: V36410J
Barcode: 4771249813237
Raisins GOLDEN, ARIMEX, 200 g
Code: V364112
Barcode: 4771249811288
no image
Sesame Seed Black SANTA MARIA  550g
Code: V36VH31
Barcode: 7311311012051
Tapas Cheese Cashews, 125g
Code: U361444
Barcode: 8714073117535
Dried blueberries, 1 kg
Code: U36148L
Barcode: 452
Freeze-dried blueberries, 25 g
Code: V332313
Barcode: 4779048620759
Youngster mix ARIMEX, 150 g
Code: V364003
Barcode: 4771249812810
Roasted and salted sunflowers SĖKMĖS, 50 g
Code: V364043
Barcode: 4771249811042