Caesar dressing FELIX, 375 g
Code: V95Y42N
Barcode: 4770135206412
Salad dressing WOWMAMA, Balsamico, 270 g
Code: V43489J
Barcode: 4770491217107
Salad dressing WOWMAMA, Ceasar, 260 g
Code: V43489K
Barcode: 4770491217121
Salad dressing WOWMAMA, Honey Mustard, 270 g
Code: V43489L
Barcode: 4770491217114
Caesar salad dressing HELLMANN'S, 1 l
Code: U254910
Barcode: 8711200590872
Honey and mustard dressing salads HELLMANN'S, 1 l
Code: U254911
Barcode: 8711200590643
Island dressing salads HELLMANN'S, 1 l
Code: U254912
Barcode: 8711200590919
Salad dressing, with carrots and red peppers, 400 g
Code: V25022C
Barcode: 4770135207242
Salad dressing, with olive oil and lemon, 400 g
Code: V25022E
Barcode: 4770135207259
Salad dressing, with garlic and herbs, 400 g
Code: V25022H
Barcode: 4770135207273
Sauce FELIX, garlic, 375 g
Code: V250261
Barcode: 4770135205743
Sauce FELIX, thousand islands, 375 g
Code: V250263
Barcode: 4770135204425
Sauce FELIX, mustard-honey, 375 g
Code: V250264
Barcode: 4770135205767
Lemon juice CHAMPION, 100%, 7.5g x 10pcs.
Code: U254913
Barcode: 5900165016425
Lime juice CHAMPION 100%, 7.5g x 10vnt.
Code: U254914
Barcode: 5900165318420