Flour mixes

Flour mix MALSENA, for white bread, 508 g
Code: V11114M
Barcode: 4779028202838
Flour mix MALSENA. for black bread, 508 g
Code: V11114N
Barcode: 4779028202821
no image
Flour Mix for spelt crepes SPELTA, 400g
Code: V11114X
Barcode: 4779028200742
Mix MALSENA, for American pancake, 300 g
Code: V9MC5CR
Barcode: 4779028202340
no image
Flour Mix for cake MALSENA, 400 g
Code: V11114S
Barcode: 4779028201534
Flour mix for pancakes MALSENA, 400 g
Code: V161A05
Barcode: 4779028201527
Flour mix for crepes, 400 g
Code: V111152
Barcode: 4779028201558
no image
Flour mix for pizza MALSENA, 400 g
Code: V11114T
Barcode: 4779028201510
Mix for zeppelins MALSENA, 400 g
Code: V11114Z
Barcode: 4779028201541
Flour mix for chocolate cake MALSENA, 460 g
Code: V111153
Barcode: 4770079111681
Royal cake flour mixture dr.Oetker,  520g
Code: X212937
Barcode: 5900437486055
Cream thickener 9g
Code: X212943
Barcode: 5900437417004
Cupcakes flour mixture  Molehill dr.Oetker,  264g
Code: X212941
Barcode: 5900437081823
no image
Flour mix for bread and pizza, gluten-free, 1 kg
Code: U11T132
Barcode: 8033772091015
no image
Flour mix for cake and cookies, gluten-free, 1 kg
Code: U11T131
Barcode: 8033772091046
Baking mixture for stirring masses, 1 kg
Code: U22616X
Barcode: 4039500007932
Baking mixture for vaffles, 1 kg
Code: U22616Y
Barcode: 4039500007970
Blend of blueberry flavor cake, 100%, 10 kg
Code: U2636U2
Barcode: 4771459067611
Confectionery for Bubble Waffles , 5 kg
Code: U4328HU
Barcode: 5901858073084
Cold custard cream powder, 1 kg
Code: U22616U
Barcode: 4039500102743
Mixture, for a pie plate, 50%, 10 kg
Code: V161A0S
Barcode: 4771459068656
no image
Flour mix for potatoe pancakes MALSENA, 200 g
Code: V161A06
Barcode: 4779028200636