Sauce with chocolate flavor dr.Oetker  200g
Code: X212932
Barcode: 5701073067086
Sauce with "Toffee" flavor dr.Oetker  200g
Code: X212934
Barcode: 5701073067109
Gelatin leaflets DR. OETKER,10g
Code: X403435
Barcode: 8595072608930
Sauce with vanilla flavor dr.Oetker 40g
Code: X403454
Barcode: 4000521607500
no image
Whipped cream Dr.Oetker 60g
Code: X403432
Barcode: 5900437415505
Knorr Binder 2KG x 2
Code: U254P3X
Barcode: 8711200570478
Izomalt, 250 g
Code: U288582
Barcode: 5902211691211
Edible glue in gel, 26g
Code: U288584
Barcode: 5902211690849
Xanthan E415, 25 g
Code: U288585
Barcode: 5902211691259
Extrac FOAMEE, vegetable, for beverages, 100 ml
Code: U95031P
Barcode: 4771459074497
Vanilla extract DECOCINO, 20ml
Code: U44AE34
Barcode: 4250448334403
Spray cooler, 400 ml
Code: V31514H
Barcode: 8011400009519
Stabilizer, Mayolis 1kg
Code: X406531
Barcode: 4750073000594