Candied fruit salad cubes 6x6 mm, 5 kg
Code: V312216
Barcode: 8009293342561
Candied orange cubes, 6x6 mm, 5 kg
Code: V312217
Barcode: 8009293342530
Candied orange slices, 5 kg
Code: V312218
Barcode: 8009293342547
Whole candied red cherries, 5 kg
Code: V31221A
Barcode: 8009293343285
Candied blackcherries, 5 kg
Code: V31221C
Barcode: 8009293343292
Candied whole kumquat, 5 kg
Code: V31221F
Barcode: 8009293343261
Meringue drops, 200 g 488.65.006
Code: U44AE1M
Barcode: 3528960003017
Chocolate sprinkles DR.OETKER, 80 g
Code: V31512P
Barcode: 5907707056970
Nonpareils DR.OETKER, gold pearl, 10 g
Code: V31512R
Barcode: 5907707057229
Nonpareils DR.OETKER, sugar hearts, 10 g
Code: V31512T
Barcode: 5907707057205
Sugar pieces Dr.Oetker 80g
Code: X403440
Barcode: 5907707056673
Food decor Dr.Oetker, 10g
Code: X403816
Barcode: 5907707057212
Dessert decorative glazes pencils Dr.Oetker 76g
Code: X403442
Barcode: 5907707058455
Hazelnut croquant DR.OETKER, 700 g
Code: V519AF4
Barcode: 4006733009255
Mini marshmalows Dr.OETKER, 150g
Code: V519AF5
Barcode: 4006733007725
Code: V519AF6
Barcode: 4006733009330
Crunchy pearls DR.OETKER, 450g
Code: V519AF7
Barcode: 4006733009354
Sugar sprinkles DR.OETKER, 700g.
Code: V519AF9
Barcode: 4006733000474
Sprinkles set DR.OETKER Gold and black,83 g
Code: V519AG1
Barcode: 5900437008769
Sprinkles set DR.OETKER "Super hero" 76 g
Code: V519AG3
Barcode: 5900437666884
Sprinkles DR.OETKER sugarr,colour stars, 10g.
Code: V519AG4
Barcode: 5907707057182
Sprinkles DR.OETKER chocolate taste, 700 g
Code: V519AG2
Barcode: 4008241101674
Sprinkles DR.OETKER pearls mix, 10g.
Code: V519AG6
Barcode: 5907707057175
Sprinkles DR.OETKER flower mix, 10g.
Code: V519AG5
Barcode: 5907707057199
Choco ball, MIX CRISPY, 2,5 kg
Code: U28856F
Barcode: 8435438406087
Crunchy crep 2,5 kg
Code: U28856H
Barcode: 4771459071632
Crunchy crep orange taste MIX CRISPY, 2,5 kg
Code: U28856J
Barcode: 8435438427839
Crunchy crep strawberry taste MIX CRISPY, 2,5 kg
Code: U28856K
Barcode: 8435438424661
Crushed cocoa beans, 1,5 kg
Code: U28856R
Barcode: 4771459072394
Thermostable chocolate drops, 6kg
Code: U28856M
Barcode: 8435438416086
Thermostable chocolate sticks, 8 cm, 4 kg
Code: U28856N
Barcode: 8435438416932
Confectionery sugar paste DECOCINO, white, 250 g
Code: U44AE2U
Barcode: 4250448333642
Edible Wafer Roses DECOCINO, pink and purple, 8 vnt
Code: U44AE2V
Barcode: 4250448334502
Edible Wafer Blossoms DECOCINO, white rose, 6 pcs
Code: U44AE2W
Barcode: 4250448334465
Edible Wafer Roses DECOCINO, white, 8 pcs
Code: U44AE2Y
Barcode: 4250448334526
Edible Butterfly DECOCINO,12 pcs
Code: U44AE2Z
Barcode: 4250448334892
Confectionery sugar paste DECOCINO, red, 250 g
Code: U44AE30
Barcode: 4250448333703
Confectionery sugar paste DECOCINO, blue, 250 g
Code: U44AE31
Barcode: 4250448333741
Confectionery sugar paste DECOCINO, pink, 250 g
Code: U44AE32
Barcode: 4250448333765
Confectionery sugar paste DECOCINO, black, 250 g
Code: U44AE35
Barcode: 4250448333680
Colored decorating powder DECOCINO, pink, 100 g
Code: U44AE36
Barcode: 4250448333826
Edible sugar sprinkles DECOCINO, gold, 1,5 g
Code: U44AE39
Barcode: 4250448334687
Edible sugar stars DECOCINO, silver, 1,5 g
Code: U44AE3A
Barcode: 4250448334717
Edible sugar hearts DECOCINO, pink, 1,3 g
Code: U44AE3C
Barcode: 4250448334748
Deco Paper Shreds DECOCINO, pink, 6 g
Code: U44AE3F
Barcode: 4250448334328