Dry breakfast

KELLOGG'S Toy Story, 350g
Code: K0151A6
Barcode: 5053827215190
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KELLOGG'S Frosties, 330 g
Code: K0151AQ
Barcode: 5053827206907
Cereals KELLOGG'S Zimmys, 330g
Code: K0151B9
Barcode: 5059319004655
KELLOG'S Caticorn 350g
Code: K0151C1
Barcode: 5059319004389
Cerials KELLOGG'S Crunchy Müsli Choco & Nuts 500g
Code: K016C11
Barcode: 5053827116275
Cerials musli KELLOGG'S CLASSIC 500g
Code: K016C12
Barcode: 5053827116190
Wheat flakes NESTLE Cini Minis, with cinamon, 250 g
Code: V2501W3
Barcode: 3387390122473
Cereals KELLOGG'S Froot Loops 375g
Code: K015110
Barcode: 5053827110679
Breakfast cereals Frutiy froops, 175 g
Code: V39UA33
Barcode: 4770149213444
Cereals KELLOGG'S Corn Flakes 250g
Code: K015131
Barcode: 5053827111188
Cereals KELLOGG'S Coco Pops 375g
Code: K015132
Barcode: 5053827184816
Cereals KELLOGG'S Crunchy Nut 330g
Code: K015134
Barcode: 5053827206822
Cereals KELLOGG'S Tresor Choco Nut 375g
Code: K015137
Barcode: 5050083123313
Cereals KELLOGG'S Tresor Milk Choco 375g
Code: K015138
Barcode: 5050083572005
Cereals KELLOGG'S Trolls 330g
Code: K015139
Barcode: 5059319001319
Cereals KELLOGG'S  Corn Flakes 360g
Code: K015140
Barcode: 5053827206730
Cereals KELLOGG'S Frosties 230g
Code: K015142
Barcode: 5053827185479
Cereals KELLOGG'S Frosties 600g
Code: K015143
Barcode: 4003994152744
Cereals KELLOGG'S Smacks 330g
Code: K015144
Barcode: 5053827202732
KELLOG'S FROZEN strawberry taste 350g
Code: K0151A8
Barcode: 5053827215220
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Cereal rings NESTLE Cheerios, with honey, 425 g
Code: U36331L
Barcode: 5900020016300
no image
Cocoa flavored flakes NESTLE Nesquik 450 g
Code: U36331P
Barcode: 5900020016201
no image
Cocoa flakes taste NESTLE Nesquik, 250 g
Code: U36331S
Barcode: 5900020000576
no image
Cocoa flakes taste NESTLE Nesquik, 500 g
Code: U36331T
Barcode: 5900020004659
no image
Cocoa flakes taste NESTLE Nesquik, 225 g
Code: U363314
Barcode: 5900020016065
Breakfast cereals OHO Kakao crunch, 500 g
Code: V36U4AA
Barcode: 4770149203735
Breakfast cereals OHO 3 friends, 500 g
Code: V36U4AC
Barcode: 4770149204152
Breakfast cereal Chocolate rice 500g "Oho!"
Code: V36U4AD
Barcode: 4770149204053
Breakfast cereals OHO Morning School, 175 g
Code: V36U4K4
Barcode: 4770149206590
Breakfast cereals OHO, cacao, 150 g
Code: V36U4TT
Barcode: 4770149206149
Breakfast cereal OHO Honey rings, 175g
Code: V36UA20
Barcode: 4770149211389
Breakfast cereal OHO Cocoa&Caramel mix 175g
Code: V36UA23
Barcode: 4770149211273
Breakfast cereal OHO Cocoa&Caramel mix 500g
Code: V36UA24
Barcode: 4770149211327
Breakfast cereal Cookie rings "Oho!" , 425 g
Code: V38UA31
Barcode: 4770149213468