Wafers SELGA , coconut taste, 180g
Code: V28J5AC
Barcode: 4750007790294
Wafers SELGA, lemon taste, 180 g
Code: V206421
Barcode: 4750007817762
Wafers SELGA, chocolate taste, 180 g
Code: V206422
Barcode: 4750007817809
Wafers SELGA, hazelnut taste, 180 g
Code: V206424
Barcode: 4750007848209
Wafer cake Selga Classic 350g
Code: V28J594
Barcode: 4750007847998
Wafer cake SELGA Moka 350g
Code: V28J596
Barcode: 4750007847974
Egg Waffles, 250 g
Code: X409523
Barcode: 8720100989525
no image
Snacks TALER, with banana, 70 g
Code: V20193H
Barcode: 4771188300010
no image
Tea snacks TALEr, two in one, 70 g
Code: V20193J
Barcode: 4771188300003
no image
Snacks TALER, with coconut, 70 g
Code: V20193K
Barcode: 4771188195029
Waffle snacks TALERIAI, with bananas, 135 g
Code: V20193C
Barcode: 4771188195104
Waffle snacks TALERIAI, with cheese, 135 g
Code: V20193E
Barcode: 4771188195012