Pies, pastry

Original Pudding Chocolate flavour 45g
Code: V31511Q
Barcode: 8595072600255
Biscuits BARNI CHOCO single pack, 30 g
Code: V213283
Barcode: 5906747314118
Biscuits BARNI Milk, 30 g
Code: V213285
Barcode: 5906747318345
Biscuits BARNI Strawberry puree, 30 g
Code: V21327W
Barcode: 7622210086013
Biscuits BARNI choco and nut fill, 30g
Code: V36U12A
Barcode: 7622210935984
Biscuits BARNI Strawberry puree, 15  g
Code: V36U1WA
Barcode: 7622210087461
Biscuit BARNI Choco, 150 g
Code: V36U1WE
Barcode: 5906747313937
Biscuits BARNI Milk, 150 g
Code: V36U1WF
Barcode: 5906747318321
Biscuit's  BARNI choco and nut fill, 150g
Code: V36U12N
Barcode: 7622210935816
Biscuits MILKA Cake & Choco, 175 g
Code: V2872T5
Barcode: 7622300784751
Coissant with cocoa filling 7 DAYS, 60 g
Code: U218216
Barcode: 5201360521210
Croissants, 7 DAYS MINI with cocoa filling, 185g
Code: U21822A
Barcode: 5201360543205
Cookies BUONDONCE, strawberry, 250 g, 10 vnt.
Code: U216R17
Barcode: 8005380030038
Cookies BUONDONCE, milk, 250 g, 10 vnt.
Code: U216R18
Barcode: 8005380030045
Cookies BALLERINA, cacao, 8 pcs in pack, 240 g
Code: U216R19
Barcode: 8005380090094