Gingerbreads, with a taste of honey, 3,5 kg
Code: V210190
Barcode: 4779030890788
Gingerbreads TRADICINIAI, 3,5 kg
Code: V210199
Barcode: 4779030890795
Gingerbread KAIMISKI, 200 g
Code: V21019A
Barcode: 4779019991468
Milky gingerbread JAVINĖ, 250 g
Code: V21P217
Barcode: 4770049061558
Gingerbread JAVINE Baltija, 2,5 kg
Code: V21P228
Barcode: 4770049064481
Gingerbread SAPNAS, 2,5 kg
Code: V21P229
Barcode: 4770049064498
Gingerbread, cream taste, 250 g
Code: V20A319
Barcode: 4751000171646
Gingerbread, classical, kg
Code: V20A329
Barcode: 4771459333440
Gingerbread with cream taste, kg
Code: V20A32A
Barcode: 4771459333457
Honey cakes JDC, honey  taste, 250 g
Code: V21016S
Barcode: 4779019990423