Wafer delicacy with raisins, 450 g
Code: V2026EJ
Barcode: 4771648196221
Cracker LU TUC Cheese, 100 g
Code: V2132A8
Barcode: 5998711388928
Biscuits OREO, 44 g
Code: U2816FP
Barcode: 7622210411679
Waffles strawberry flavor SKAWA , 80 g
Code: V20131M
Barcode: 5902978060701
Biscuits LU TUC Sourcream & Onion, 100 g
Code: V2132A9
Barcode: 5998711388935
Waffles cocoa flavor SKAWA,  80 g
Code: V20131N
Barcode: 5902978060664
Cracker LU TUC Bacon, 100 g
Code: V2132AA
Barcode: 7622300570293
Biscuits OREO, 110 g
Code: U2816FN
Barcode: 7622210411587
Waffles cream flavor SKAWA, 80 g
Code: V20131P
Barcode: 5902978060695
Cracker TUC Mini, with cheese, 100 g
Code: V2132AE
Barcode: 5998711388980
Biscuits OREO Double Creme, 170 g
Code: U2816FA
Barcode: 7622210137234
Wafers with peanuts SKAWA, 80 g
Code: V20131R
Barcode: 5902978060671
Cracker TUC Mini, with sour cream and onion, 100 g
Code: V2132AF
Barcode: 5998711389000
Biscuits OREO, 176 g
Code: U2816FL
Barcode: 7622300444181
Waffles with caramel flavor, 3,3 kg
Code: V2026EN
Barcode: 4770266186720
Waffles ZOO, 2,8 kg
Code: V2026A1
Barcode: 4771648198027
Biscuits OREO Brownie, 176 g
Code: V2132J4
Barcode: 7622210835338
no image
Corn crackers, 120 g
Code: V372226
Barcode: 4770140196203
Wafers ARSENAL, cacao, 1,5 kg
Code: V2026EL
Barcode: 4771648195040
Biscuits OREO with milk chocolate 246g
Code: V2132J5
Barcode: 7622300489434
Wafers ARSENAL, milky, 1,5 kg
Code: V2026EM
Barcode: 4771648195057
Biscuits OREO with white chocolate, 246 g
Code: V2132J6
Barcode: 7622300489427
no image
Buckwheat crackers with iodinated, 80  g
Code: V37222A
Barcode: 4770140195299
Cookies BOUNTY, 180 g
Code: U99L12R
Barcode: 5056357902431
Cream flavoured waffle tubes, 500 g
Code: V202AP6
Barcode: 4779022700521
no image
Wheat cracker, 100g
Code: V372225
Barcode: 4770140195411
Cookies M&M's, 180 g
Code: U99L12S
Barcode: 5056357902455
Wafer tubules with toffi stuff, 1 kg
Code: V202AP1
Barcode: 4779022700439
no image
Rice crackers, 100g
Code: V372227
Barcode: 4770140195466
Cookies TWIX Caramel, 144 g
Code: U99L12T
Barcode: 5056357902417
Wafer tubules without stuff, kg
Code: V202APA
Barcode: 4779022700347
no image
Corn crackers, 500 g
Code: V37222C
Barcode: 4770140113064
Waffles  MOZAIKA,, with zephyr filling, 2,5 kg
Code: V206471
Barcode: 4779037850303
Bread sticks GRISSINI natural, 125 g
Code: V445171
Barcode: 8002333009165
Waffles RIEŠUTĖLIS, 1,5 kg
Code: V206478
Barcode: 4779037850150
GRISSINI bread sticks, pizza flavor, 125 g
Code: V445172
Barcode: 8002333007468
Caramel wafers, 3 kg
Code: V212A1C
Barcode: 4779037850310
Bread sticks GRIS D'OR, with black olives, 100 g
Code: V445177
Barcode: 8002333010161
Wafers, milky, 3,5 kg
Code: V21K1E0
Barcode: 4779038721763
Bread sticks GRIS D'OR, with olive oil, 100g
Code: V445178
Barcode: 8002333010154
Biscuits, SELGA, nuts taste, 180 g
Code: V21C29A
Barcode: 4750007790270
Waffle rollers, 800 g
Code: V36U886
Barcode: 4820092131071
Wafers, cacao, 3,5 kg
Code: V21K1E1
Barcode: 4779038721725
Rye chips LINKOSUO Original, 150 g
Code: U445150
Barcode: 6420400000341
Waffles ŠERKŠNAS, 1,4 kg
Code: V282858
Barcode: 4779037850365
Wholegrain biscuits SELGA, 180 g
Code: X408221
Barcode: 4750007790041
Rye chips LINKOSUO, garlic, 150 g
Code: U445151
Barcode: 6420400000358
Biscuits SELGA, caramel flavor, 180 g
Code: V21C287
Barcode: 4750007789946