Swiss roll PIC NIC vanila, 200 g
Code: U216R11
Barcode: 8005380070034
Swiss roll PIC NIC, fruit, 200 g
Code: U216R12
Barcode: 8005380070027
Swiss roll PIC NIC, cocoa, 200 g
Code: U216R13
Barcode: 8005380070010
Swiss roll PIC NIC, coffee, 200 g
Code: U216R14
Barcode: 8005380070058
Biscuits MARABOU, with milk chocolate, 184 g
Code: U44239X
Barcode: 7622300589882
Biscuits MARABOU Daim, 184 g
Code: U44239Y
Barcode: 7622300721459
Cacao biscuit MELS Master Cake, 400 g
Code: V2101Z2
Barcode: 8436540920003
Light biscuit MELS Master Cake, 400 g
Code: V2101Z3
Barcode: 8437010146992
Biscuits ROSHEN Esmeralda with coating drops, 150 g
Code: V28C247
Barcode: 4823077618253
Original Pudding Chocolate flavour 45g
Code: V31511Q
Barcode: 8595072600255
Mini wafers round, 110 g
Code: U201314
Barcode: 5900748096059
Marshmallows NOT JUST BBQ, BBQ, XXL pack, 500g
Code: U254P4H
Barcode: 8717677178254
Chocolate spread cream MALTESER, 200 g
Code: U99L12J
Barcode: 5060122039321
Crisps, with glaze, 180 g
Code: V21017S
Barcode: 4779030890443
Biscuits BARNI CHOCO single pack, 30 g
Code: V213283
Barcode: 5906747314118
Biscuit BELVITA Choco, 50 g
Code: V21C2P1
Barcode: 7622300443351
Cakes MAGDELENAS, mini, 150 g
Code: V21H601
Barcode: 4770084194150
Tree cake Populiarusis, kg
Code: V21KA56
Barcode: 24975104
Dairy rusks, 250 g
Code: V21L551
Barcode: 4770163195191
Peanut halva ARSENAL, 150 g
Code: V2899A4
Barcode: 4770266127846
Sweet corn sticks CHRUSTIK, 130 g
Code: V36U881
Barcode: 4770683114016
Wafers round, 140 g
Code: U201316
Barcode: 5900748096028
Grissini FRATELLI COMINO Rubata, rosemary, 120 g
Code: U44AE1P
Barcode: 8033717200748
Chocolate spread cream TWIX, 200 g
Code: U99L12K
Barcode: 5060402901928
Chips JDC, vanile taste, 180 g
Code: V21016C
Barcode: 4779019990485
Honey cakes JDC, honey  taste, 250 g
Code: V21016S
Barcode: 4779019990423
Biscuits BARNI Milk, 30 g
Code: V213285
Barcode: 5906747318345
Figurative muffins, with icing, 2,5 kg
Code: V2199C1
Barcode: 4779037850396
Biscuit BELVITA Nut&honey, 50 g
Code: V21C2P2
Barcode: 7622300443290
Tree cake Populiarusis, in box, kg
Code: V21KA57
Barcode: 24975112
Vanilla rusks, 250 g
Code: V21L552
Barcode: 4770163195481
Corn sticks with a milk filling JAVINUKAI, 150 g
Code: V21P161
Barcode: 4770049081006
Sunflower halva ARSENAL, 150 g
Code: V2899A5
Barcode: 4770266127839
Wild strawberry flavour marshmallows, 240g
Code: V28A520
Barcode: 4770067183775
Corn OHO, savory, 210 g
Code: V36U41V
Barcode: 4770149207870
Mini wafers square, 150 g
Code: U201315
Barcode: 5900748096042
Grissini FRATELLI COMINO Rubata, black olive, 120 g
Code: U44AE1R
Barcode: 8033717200724
Chocolate spread cream BOUNTY, 200 g
Code: U99L12L
Barcode: 5060122039383
Gingerbread KAIMISKI, 200 g
Code: V21019A
Barcode: 4779019991468
no image
Tea bagels, 280 g
Code: V21019U
Barcode: 4779019990560
Biscuits BARNI Strawberry puree, 30 g
Code: V21327W
Barcode: 7622210086013
Tree cake POPULIARUSIS,  kg
Code: V21KA12
Barcode: 24156103
Rusks, with poppy seeds, 250 g
Code: V21L553
Barcode: 4770163195474
Sunflower halva, 4 kg
Code: V2899A3
Barcode: 4770266127914