Potato chips

Chips PRINGLES Original Summer, 165 g
Code: P11C1A1
Barcode: 5053990127726
Potato chips TORRES, with caviar, 110 g.
Code: U44516C
Barcode: 8426944001149
Potato chips TORRES, with truffle, 125 g.
Code: U44516E
Barcode: 8426944001071
Potato chips TORRES, sparkling wine taste, 150 g.
Code: U44516F
Barcode: 8426944031504
Potato chips TORRES, Iberian ham taste, 150 g.
Code: U44516H
Barcode: 8426944021253
Potato chips TORRES, with smoked pepper, 150 g.
Code: U44516J
Barcode: 8426944041503
Potato chips TORRES, with olive oil, 150 g.
Code: U44516K
Barcode: 8426944001019
Potato chips TORRES, with sea salt, 150 g.
Code: U44516M
Barcode: 8426944001125
Potato snacks ZM, with dill, 400g
Code: U44516Y
Barcode: 4771173209335
Potato snacks ZM, with cheese and onions, 400g
Code: U44516Z
Barcode: 4771173209359