Snack  PRINGLES Sour Cream & Onion, Celebration165 g
Code: P11C999
Barcode: 5053990101597
Chips ESTRELLA onions and sour cream flavour, 180 g
Code: V36U2Q2
Barcode: 4779028346372
Potato chips LAY"S, BBQ Ribs, 140 g
Code: V36U3EL
Barcode: 5900259106223
Potato chips TORRES, Iberian ham taste, 150 g.
Code: U44516H
Barcode: 8426944021253
Potato chips TORRES, with smoked pepper, 150 g.
Code: U44516J
Barcode: 8426944041503
Potato chips TORRES, with olive oil, 150 g.
Code: U44516K
Barcode: 8426944001019
Potato chips TORRES, Foie gras taste, 150 g.
Code: U445160
Barcode: 8426944051502
Potato chips TORRES, with caviar, 110 g.
Code: U44516C
Barcode: 8426944001149
Potato chips TORRES, with truffle, 125 g.
Code: U44516E
Barcode: 8426944001071
Potato chips TORRES, sparkling wine taste, 150 g.
Code: U44516F
Barcode: 8426944031504
Potato chips TORRES, with sea salt, 150 g.
Code: U44516M
Barcode: 8426944001125
Potato Crisps MACKIE'S, Sea Salt, 150g
Code: U44516P
Barcode: 5012262010180
Potato Crisps MACKIE'S, Sea Salt and Vinegar, 150g
Code: U44516R
Barcode: 5012262010197
Chips JERSIKA'S, with Parmesan cheese, 90 g
Code: U44517A
Barcode: 4751026630172
Crispy JERSIKA'S, with blue cheese, 90 g
Code: U44517C
Barcode: 4751026630080
Chips JERSIKA'S, with mango salsa, 90g
Code: U44517E
Barcode: 4751026630097
Chips JERSIKA'S, stewed meat and horseradish, 90g
Code: U44517F
Barcode: 4751026630127
Crispy JERSIKA'S, crab flavor, 90g
Code: U44517H
Barcode: 4751026630110
Crispy JERSIKA'S, sour cream and onion flavor, 90 g
Code: U44517J
Barcode: 4751026630011
Snack PRINGLES Original,  40 g
Code: P11C23A
Barcode: 5053990107339
Chips PRINGLES Sour cream & Onion, 40 g
Code: P11C15V
Barcode: 5053990107384
Snack PRINGLES Original, 70 g
Code: P11C1B4
Barcode: 5053990124961
Snack PRINGLES Sour Cream & Onion, 70 g
Code: P11C1B5
Barcode: 5053990125050
Snack PRINGLES Paprika, 70 g
Code: P11C1B6
Barcode: 5053990124909
Snack  PRINGLES Hot & Spicy, Summer 165 g
Code: P11C122
Barcode: 5053990101542
Snack  PRINGLES Paprika, Summer 165 g
Code: P11C123
Barcode: 5053990106868
Snack  PRINGLES Sour Cream & Onion, Summer 165 g
Code: P11C129
Barcode: 5053990101597
Snack  PRINGLES Original, Summer 165 g
Code: P11C12Z
Barcode: 5053990101573
Snack PRINGLES Cheese & Onion, 165 g
Code: P11C13A
Barcode: 5053990101535
Snack PRINGLES Barbeque,  165 g
Code: P11C14A
Barcode: 5053990101528
Chips Mushroom & Cream 165 g
Code: P11C17B
Barcode: 5053990154425
Snack PRINGLES Cocktail Sauce, 200g
Code: P11C1A5
Barcode: 5053990153848
Snack PRINGLES Paprika 165 g
Code: P11C1B2
Barcode: 5053990106868
Snack PRINGLES Pulled Pork Burger, 200 g
Code: P11C1B8
Barcode: 5053990155750
Snack PRINGLES Original SOCCER165 g
Code: P11C1C1
Barcode: 5053990101573
Snack PRINGLES Paprika SOCCER165 g
Code: P11C1C2
Barcode: 5053990106868
Snack PRINGLES Emmental Cheese, 165 g
Code: P11C22A
Barcode: 5053990110872
Snack PRINGLES Pizza, 165 g
Code: P11C26A
Barcode: 5053990151035
Snack PRINGLES Salt & Pepper, 165 g
Code: C046302
Barcode: 5053990101504
Code: P11C17A
Barcode: 5053990106776
Snack PRINGLES Nacho cheese RAL, 165 g
Code: P11C17E
Barcode: 5053990106981
Snack PRINGLES Tortilla Original,   160 g
Code: P11C28A
Barcode: 5053990113637