Seaweed snack, battered, 40 g
Code: U9JA5VY
Barcode: 8852116807668
Seaweed snack, crispy, spicy, 36 g
Code: U9JA5VZ
Barcode: 8852116807903
Red lentil chips OHO, Maple bacon flavor, 100 g
Code: V36U43W
Barcode: 4770149213895
Wheat with taste of onion and cream, salted, 35 g
Code: V36U401
Barcode: 4770149203155
Wheat with taste of ham, salted, 35 g
Code: V36U402
Barcode: 4770149203148
Wheat with dills, salted, 35 g
Code: V36U403
Barcode: 4770149203254
Sour cream and onion flavour JAVI SNACKS, 90 g
Code: V21P531
Barcode: 4770049061084
Chilli flavour JAVI SNACKS, 90 g
Code: V21P532
Barcode: 4770049061220