Wheat with taste of onion and cream, salted, 35 g
Code: V36U401
Barcode: 4770149203155
Potato chips TORRES, Foie gras taste, 150 g.
Code: U445160
Barcode: 8426944051502
Micropopcorn ERSTRELLA, with butter, 90 g
Code: V36U20J
Barcode: 7310532160442
Wheat with taste of ham, salted, 35 g
Code: V36U402
Barcode: 4770149203148
Potato chips TORRES, with caviar, 110 g.
Code: U44516C
Barcode: 8426944001149
Micropopcorn ERSTRELLA, with salt, 90 g
Code: V36U20H
Barcode: 7310532160435
Wheat with dills, salted, 35 g
Code: V36U403
Barcode: 4770149203254
Potato chips TORRES, with truffle, 125 g.
Code: U44516E
Barcode: 8426944001071
Corn chips ESTRELLA BITES cheese taste, 140 g
Code: V36U1JX
Barcode: 4779028345948
Potato chips TORRES, sparkling wine taste, 150 g.
Code: U44516F
Barcode: 8426944031504
Salted popcorn TV SNACKS with salt, 70g
Code: V36134V
Barcode: 4779028230190
Potato chips TORRES, with sea salt, 150 g.
Code: U44516M
Barcode: 8426944001125
Caramel flavour popcorn TV SNACKS, 100g
Code: V36127E
Barcode: 4779028230183
Chocolate flavour popcorn TV SNACKS, 100g
Code: V36127C
Barcode: 4779028230176
Popcorn with cheese CHIKI POP, 150 g
Code: V36UC46
Barcode: 4771173211109
Corn snack TAFFEL Nacho Cheese Balls, 60 g
Code: V36U509
Barcode: 4750024001083
Popcorn with salt CHIKI POP, 150 g
Code: V36UC4Z
Barcode: 4771173211093
Caramelised popcorn CHIKI POP, 200 g
Code: V36UC45
Barcode: 4771173210973
Snacks with steak taste OHO, 60 g
Code: V36UQ11
Barcode: 4770149213864
no image
Maize shells MINI TACO TUBS, 120 g (7 pcs in cas)
Code: V314E4P
Barcode: 7311310038236
Snacks OHO, with chilli pepper, 60 g
Code: V36UA12
Barcode: 4770149209218
Chips JERSIKA'S, with Parmesan cheese, 90 g
Code: U44517A
Barcode: 4751026630172
no image
Maize taco shells SANTA MARIA Tex Mex, 135 g
Code: V314E41
Barcode: 7311310038038
Crispy JERSIKA'S, with blue cheese, 90 g
Code: U44517C
Barcode: 4751026630080
Sour cream and onion flavour JAVI SNACKS, 90 g
Code: V21P531
Barcode: 4770049061084
Tortilla Original Medium (8-pack) 320Gx12
Code: V31447A
Barcode: 7311311020599
Pop corn MOGYI, butter flavored, 1   g
Code: V361255
Barcode: 5997473544047
Snacks with mexicana taste OHO, 60 g
Code: V36UA14
Barcode: 4770149208532
Chips JERSIKA'S, with mango salsa, 90g
Code: U44517E
Barcode: 4751026630097
Chilli flavour JAVI SNACKS, 90 g
Code: V21P532
Barcode: 4770049061220
Tortilla Original Large (6-Pack) 371Gx12
Code: V31448A
Barcode: 7311311021169
Pop corn MOGYI, cheese flavored, 1   g
Code: V36125A
Barcode: 5997473544030
Chips JERSIKA'S, stewed meat and horseradish, 90g
Code: U44517F
Barcode: 4751026630127
Wheat TORTILLA 8", 12 pcs. 480 g
Code: V314E86
Barcode: 7311310049911
Roasted corn MOGYI Mexicorn with salt, 70g
Code: V36134N
Barcode: 5997347543909
Snacks with sour cream taste & onion OHO, 60 g
Code: V36UA15
Barcode: 4770149208556
Crispy JERSIKA'S, crab flavor, 90g
Code: U44517H
Barcode: 4751026630110
Wheat TORTILLA 10", 12 pcs., 750 g
Code: V314E87
Barcode: 7311310049928
Pop corn MOGYI, chilli flavour, 1   g
Code: V36125C
Barcode: 5997347541912
Snacks with cheese & onion OHO, 60 g
Code: V36UA19
Barcode: 4770149208549
Crispy JERSIKA'S, sour cream and onion flavor, 90 g
Code: U44517J
Barcode: 4751026630011
Wheat Scones WHEAT TORTILLA 12", 1080 g
Code: V314E8Z
Barcode: 7311310047863
Snacks with dill OHO, 60 g
Code: V36UA17
Barcode: 4770149208525
Snacks with sour cream taste & onion OHO XXL, 150 g
Code: V36U4TF
Barcode: 4770149209850