Muesli bars

Cereal bar with bananas "Oho!" 24g
Code: V36UA25
Barcode: 4770149211464
Cereal bar with strawberries "Oho!"
Code: V36UA26
Barcode: 4770149211440
Cereal bar OHO Cocoa&Caramel mix, 23g
Code: X408252
Barcode: 4770149212362
CERBON Chocolate oat bar with cacao coating 50g
Code: U28683E
Barcode: 5998400307568
no image
Muesli bar CERBONA Cocoa Nuts, 20 g
Code: U28683F
Barcode: 5998400303867
Muesli bar CERBONA Apple, 20 g
Code: U286837
Barcode: 5998400393219
Muesli bar CERBONA Fit, 20 g
Code: U286830
Barcode: 5998400373785
Muesli bar CERBONA Fruity, 20 g
Code: U286831
Barcode: 5998400373884
no image
Muesli bar CERBONA Red fruits, 20 g
Code: U286832
Barcode: 5998400304130
Muesli bar CERBONA Sour cherry, 20 g
Code: U286833
Barcode: 5998400379633
Cereal bar CORNY Big, with milk, 40 g
Code: V28653E
Barcode: 4011800569112
Cereal bar CORNY Big, banana, 50 g
Code: V286539
Barcode: 4011800544515
no image
Cereal bar CORNY Big, fruit, 50 g
Code: V286536
Barcode: 4011800545512
Cereal bar CORNY Big, chocolate, 50 g
Code: V286535
Barcode: 4011800530518
Cereal bar CORNY Big, peanuts, 50 g
Code: V286537
Barcode: 4011800519513