Cereal bar with strawberries "Oho!"
Code: V36UA26
Barcode: 4770149211440
Protein bar PULS BITE low sugar peanut butter, 35g
Code: CO49386
Barcode: 6430056591681
Chocolate bars set SNICKERS Trio, 3 x 37,5 g
Code: M0111C0
Barcode: 5900951258978
Energy bar PULS gluten free, Chocolate-Coconut, 50g
Code: CO49387
Barcode: 6430056591063
Chocolate bars set SNICKERS Bonus Pack, 4 x 5  g
Code: M0111C5
Barcode: 5000159384209
Energy bar PULS gluten free, Vanilla-Coconut, 50g
Code: CO49388
Barcode: 6430056591087
Cereal bar OHO with cocoa and coconut shaves 30g
Code: V36UA37
Barcode: 4770149212812
Chocolate bars SNICKERS, 10x50g
Code: X406253
Barcode: 5000159382731