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Vanilla sugar DR.OETKER, 16 g
Code: V315122
Barcode: 5900437412276
Original Pudding Vanilla flavour 37g
Code: V31513Q
Barcode: 8595072600200
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Marinated cut beets, 4,2l / 4,1l/ 2,05kg
Code: V330204
Barcode: 4770583221999
Spicy curry soup AUGA EKO, 400g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V33041P
Barcode: 4779039731181
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Rapeseed kernel oil AUGA EKO, cold pressed, 500 ml
Code: V33041V
Barcode: 4771085203964
Chrispy bread KAZIUKO, sticks, in a bucket, 5 kg
Code: V361829
Barcode: 4770763191210
Roasted bread KAZIUKO, 1,2 kg
Code: V36182A
Barcode: 4770763191159
Roasted bread KAZIUKO, 1 kg
Code: V36182C
Barcode: 4770763191104
Roasted bread Kaziuko, sliced, in a jar, 600 g
Code: V36182H
Barcode: 4770763191173
Mixture of dried berries and nuts, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400N
Barcode: 4771249824745
Dried berries mix, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400P
Barcode: 4771249824738
Mango and passion fruit balls, 2,5 kg, D
Code: V364075
Barcode: 4771459077955
Mango and passion fruit balls, kg, D
Code: V364077
Barcode: 1436
Sauce ESTRELLA Dipmix Tzatziki, 15 g, New 2016
Code: V36U17A
Barcode: 7310532130803
Chips ESTRELLA onions and sour cream flavour, 180 g
Code: V36U2Q2
Barcode: 4779028346372
Corn chips, DORITOS, BBQ flavour, 100 g
Code: V36U36U
Barcode: 5900259106667
Potato chips LAY"S, BBQ Ribs, 140 g
Code: V36U3EL
Barcode: 5900259106223
Red lentil chips OHO, Maple bacon flavor, 100 g
Code: V36U43W
Barcode: 4770149213895
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Cedar nuts, 1 kg
Code: V36UC4M
Barcode: 23028412
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Vanilla Sugar SANTA MARIA, 2  g
Code: V36VF20
Barcode: 4740018133517
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Vanilla Sugar SANTA MARIA, 700g
Code: V36VF9N
Barcode: 7311311012471
Wheat grits ARIADNA, 800 g
Code: V37211C
Barcode: 4771459055113
no image
Oil VILNIUS, sunflower, 5 l
Code: V41225K
Barcode: 4770148151037
no image
Frying oil VILNIUS, 5 l
Code: V41225L
Barcode: 4770139151787
Split buckwheat BIORINA, 800 g
Code: V449C1C
Barcode: 4771138393710
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Walnuts, 30 % halves, 70 % pieces, 1 kg
Code: V507180
Barcode: 4771249812094
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Potato flakes,  BP, 25 kg
Code: V507A55
Barcode: 8710679005092
Oat grits, 800g
Code: V539526
Barcode: 4779039054846
no image
Sweet sauce EXOTIC FOOD Chili, 725 ml
Code: V81763X
Barcode: 8853662004020
Soy sauce KIKKOMAN, 1l
Code: V81763Y
Barcode: 8715035110809
Less salt soy sauce KIKKOMAN, 150 ml
Code: V81763Z
Barcode: 8715035130104
Caesar dressing FELIX, 375 g
Code: V95Y42N
Barcode: 4770135206412
Wheat flour 550C 2,2 kg
Code: V965H4H
Barcode: 4770107249638
no image
Flour EKSTRA, wheat, 405D, 1,75 kg
Code: V965H4J
Barcode: 4770107000291
no image
Wheat flour MUIŽAS, 550D, 2KG
Code: V965H4K
Barcode: 4751028520198
Ketchup HEINZ, 800ml/910g
Code: V9A1T2D
Barcode: 87157277
Tomato Ketchup Kids HEINZ, 300ml/330g
Code: V9A1T2E
Barcode: 50457793
HEINZ ketchup, 605ml/700g
Code: V9A1T2F
Barcode: 87157260
Code: V9A20CG
Barcode: 5010933012075
Sweetener HUXOL, 2000 pcs
Code: V9A215E
Barcode: 4000445075010
Sauce KNORR Demi Glace, 750 g
Code: V9C2H6J
Barcode: 8712566198900