Flour pre-cooked products

Cheburek stuffed with meat, 7x ~150 g
Code: V5014P0
Barcode: 4770274482821
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ŽEMAIČIŲ pancakes with meat, 5 pcs., 500 g
Code: V5014S1
Barcode: 4770274191020
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Zeppelins with curd stuffing TAVIJUTA, 450 g
Code: V502533
Barcode: 4770452194034
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Frozen cabbage rolls with meat stuffing, 400 g
Code: V502541
Barcode: 4770452194041
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Zeppelins KAIMISKI with meat filling, 5 pcs., 1 kg
Code: V50148A
Barcode: 4770274194052
no image
Dumplings with potatoe filling, 500 g
Code: V501X13
Barcode: 4779027600246
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TRADITIONAL dumplings, with meat filling, 800 g
Code: V501Y14
Barcode: 4770556192158
Cabbage rolls with meat, (170gx12vnt), 2,04 kg
Code: V501Y3J
Barcode: 4770452196762
no image
Frozen dumplings POPULIARUS, 500 g
Code: V501T5R
Barcode: 4770511211214