Flour pre-cooked products

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Frozen dumplings POPULIARUS, 500 g
Code: V501T5R
Barcode: 4770511211214
Čeburekai (orient pancakes with meat), 500 g
Code: V501Y31
Barcode: 4770556192035
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Frozen dumplings with potatoe filling, 400 g
Code: V501T61
Barcode: 4770511211054
MINI chebureki (orient pancakes with meat), 780 g
Code: V501Y35
Barcode: 4770553191055
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Dumplings PONO, with meat filling, 400 g
Code: V511M77
Barcode: 4770511211337
Dumplings with meat PROMO, 500 g
Code: V501J18
Barcode: 4771459041420
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Boiled potatoes Zeppelins with meat, 500 g
Code: V501J25
Barcode: 4770685192258
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Frozen dumplings with curd filling, 400 g
Code: V501T55
Barcode: 4770511211047
Dumplings with meat, 1 kg
Code: V501434
Barcode: 4770274193635
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Frozen flour dumplings EŽIUKAI, 500 g
Code: V50251P
Barcode: 4770452193099
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Grated potato dumplings, with meat, 500 g
Code: V501Y39
Barcode: 4770556162083