Flour pre-cooked products

Frozen pizza RISTORANTE Prosciutto, 330g
Code: X407918
Barcode: 4001724027379
Frozen pizza RISTORANTE Quattro Stagioni 370g
Code: X407919
Barcode: 4001724027645
Frozen pizza FELICIANA with Ham and Spinach, 350g
Code: X407923
Barcode: 5900437705163
Vegetables in pastry SPRINGROLL, 900 g (60 x 15 g)
Code: U51A712
Barcode: 4316734017259
no image
Dumplings KARALISKIEJI with meat stuffing, 400 g
Code: V501210
Barcode: 4770090192430
Dumplings MOČIUTĖS, with curd filling, 500 g
Code: V501X12
Barcode: 4779027600277
no image
Zeppelins with meat stuffing TAVIJUTA, 450 g
Code: V502531
Barcode: 4770452194027
no image
Frozen Zemaiciu pancakes with meat TAVIJUTA, 450 g
Code: V502551
Barcode: 4770452194010
Bolognese turnover
Code: V511443
Barcode: 4771033486067