Flour pre-cooked products

Frozen crepes, with raspberry, 360g
Code: V513A25
Barcode: 4607018278061
Frozen crepes, with caramel, (60gx~100pcs), 6kg
Code: V513A27
Barcode: 3460701827755
Frozen crepes, with raspberry, (60gx~100pcs), 6kg
Code: V513A28
Barcode: 2460701827794
Frozen crepes, with cherry, (60gx~100pcs), 6kg
Code: V513A2A
Barcode: 5460701827489
Frozen crepes, with peach, (60gx~100pcs), 6kg
Code: V513A2E
Barcode: 5460701827498
Frozen crepes, with strawberry, (60gx~100pcs), 6kg
Code: V513A2F
Barcode: 5460701827490
no image
Frozen omelette GN1/1, (4vnt x 3kg), 12kg
Code: V51870M
Barcode: 4779031910317
Pizza Guseppe Kebab, 420g
Code: V519AF2
Barcode: 5900437705026
Pizza Guseppe Thai Style Chicken curry 375g
Code: V519AF3
Barcode: 5900437705088
Pizza MAFFIA, 400 g
Code: V519AH0
Barcode: 4779031271807
Pizza NAPOLETANA Polina, 340 g
Code: V519AH1
Barcode: 4779031272385