Flour pre-cooked products

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Dumplings with curd , 500 g
Code: V501Y38
Barcode: 4770556192103
Frozen crepes, with huzel nuts an cocoa cream, 360g
Code: V513A24
Barcode: 4607018278078
Frozen pizza RISTORANTE Mozzarella, 335g
Code: X407916
Barcode: 4001724027461
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Grated potato dumplings, with meat, 500 g
Code: V501Y39
Barcode: 4770556162083
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Curd paste dumplings Tingineliai, 400 g
Code: V511M70
Barcode: 4770511191035
Frozen crepes, with raspberry, 360g
Code: V513A25
Barcode: 4607018278061
Frozen pizza RISTORANTE Speciale, 330g
Code: X407917
Barcode: 4001724027522
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Dumplings KARALISKIEJI with meat stuffing, 400 g
Code: V501210
Barcode: 4770090192430
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Frozen dumplings with potatoe filling, 400 g
Code: V501T61
Barcode: 4770511211054
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Crepe with cheese and ham filling, 30 x 100 g
Code: V513A13
Barcode: 4770556192929
Frozen pizza RISTORANTE Prosciutto, 330g
Code: X407918
Barcode: 4001724027379