Flour pre-cooked products

Pizza RISTORANTE Hawaii , 355 g
Code: U51M207
Barcode: 4001724027409
Rural dumplings, 5 kg
Code: V501220
Barcode: 4750499000925
Dumplings Ravioli, with meat, 350g
Code: V501250
Barcode: 4770500200304
Dumplings Saulytes, with curd, 350g
Code: V501251
Barcode: 4770500200267
Dumplings Vaikiski, with turkey, 350g
Code: V501252
Barcode: 4770500200328
Cheburek stuffed with meat, 7vnt, 1kg
Code: V5014P2
Barcode: 4770274482821
Frozen potatoes pancakes Zemaiciai with meat, 700 g
Code: V501613
Barcode: 4770090192928