Flour pre-cooked products

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Frozen dumplings with meat stuffing TAVIJUTA, 500 g
Code: V502511
Barcode: 4770452192016
Dumplings with meat, 1 kg
Code: V501434
Barcode: 4770274193635
Dumplings SUPER, with meat filling, 1 kg
Code: V511M7A
Barcode: 4770511211306
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Dumplings  HOME-MADE, with meat, 1 kg
Code: V501Y16
Barcode: 4770553191024
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Dumplings, with chicken, 1 kg
Code: V501Y17
Barcode: 4770553191062
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Dumplings  SIBIRO, with meat, 1 kg
Code: V501Y36
Barcode: 4770556162090
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Dumplings PONO, with meat filling, 2 kg
Code: V511M78
Barcode: 4770511211269
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Dumplings with chicken for roasting, 2 kg
Code: U501250
Barcode: 4770511191028
Dumplings with meat filling for deep frying, 2 kg
Code: V501451
Barcode: 4770274194045
Dupplings NAMINIAI with meat filling, 2 kg
Code: V501452
Barcode: 4770274194021
Dumplings with turkey filling, 2,5 kg
Code: U501210
Barcode: 4750499000932