Flour pre-cooked products

Frozen American-style pancakes, 4kg
Code: U3125A3
Barcode: 1460701827306
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Dumplings with chicken for roasting, 2 kg
Code: U501250
Barcode: 4770511191028
Frozen dumplings BABUŠKA ANIA, with cherries, 430g
Code: U51838J
Barcode: 4810168036843
Vegetables in pastry SPRINGROLL, 750 g (50 x 15 g)
Code: U51A739
Barcode: 5702008139373
Vegetables in pastry SPRINGROLL, 900 g (60 x 15 g)
Code: U51A73Y
Barcode: 5710881254885
Pizza DOMANA with ham and champignons, 305 g
Code: U51M11Z
Barcode: 5901537004767
Pizza DOMANA with champignons, 305 g
Code: U51M120
Barcode: 5901537004736
Pizza DOMANA with salami, 305 g
Code: U51M121
Barcode: 5901537004743
Frozen pizza PROSCIUTTO & FUNGHI, 305 g
Code: U51M122
Barcode: 5901537001568
Pizza Domana pepperoni, 305 g
Code: U51M123
Barcode: 5901537001551
Frozen pizza GUSEPPE with ham and mushrooms, 425 g
Code: U51M202
Barcode: 5900437005133