Fast food

Frozen spicy cheese pots CATER QUALITY, 1 kg
Code: U50633W
Barcode: 5705518769504
Cheddar Bites FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B1
Barcode: 8710679148041
Mozzarella Sticks FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B3
Barcode: 8710679147884
Camembert Bites FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B4
Barcode: 8710679147921
Gouda Bites FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B5
Barcode: 8710679147969
Brie bites FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B6
Barcode: 8710679147846
Frozen onion rings in beer dough, FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U505338
Barcode: 8710679134617
Frozen onion rings in dough FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U505333
Barcode: 8710679138592
Cream Cheese Jalapeno Bites, 1 kg
Code: U5052B7
Barcode: 8710679134648
Frozen vegetable balls in tempura AJ FOOD, 1 kg
Code: U5052E1
Barcode: 5907222416099
Rice with chicken and Panang Curry, 350 g
Code: U436481
Barcode: 8858984830326
Rice with chicken and Massaman Curry, 350g
Code: U436482
Barcode: 8855702001778
Rice with sweet and sour chicken, 350g
Code: U436483
Barcode: 8855702006834
Pizza Ristorante Piccolissima Pepperoni 216g
Code: V519AG8
Barcode: 4001724032267
Pizza Ristorante Piccolissima Tre Formaggi 216g
Code: V519AG9
Barcode: 4001724032137
Frozen fish nuggets, 240g
Code: U5181AC
Barcode: 5900972006688
Frozen fish coins FROSTA, 320g
Code: U5181AE
Barcode: 5905009025106
Mozzarella cheese snack FEEL GOOD FOOD, 250 g
Code: U50633N
Barcode: 5705518770531
Spicy cheese nuggets FEEL GOOD FOOD, 250 g
Code: U50633P
Barcode: 5705518770500
Frozen American classic snack FEEL GOOD FOOD, 410 g
Code: X412210
Barcode: 5705518770203
Frozen Mexican snack FEEL GOOD FOOD, 410 g
Code: X412211
Barcode: 5705518770210
Bolognese Turnover with Chicken and Cheese, 130g
Code: V51144B
Barcode: 4771033013218
Frozen chicken nugets, in breadcrumbs, 250 g
Code: U5181A7
Barcode: 5900972004158
Battered onion rings, 1 kg
Code: V5153A0
Barcode: 8716794000080
Frozen cheese pudding, (4pcsx5kg/2), 20 kg
Code: V51870E
Barcode: 4779031910171
Frozen snacks mix  FEEL GOOD FOOD, 450 g
Code: X412209
Barcode: 4029401019905