Ready meals

Pizza DOMANA with ham and champignons, 305 g
Code: U51M11Z
Barcode: 5901537004767
Sandwich "Panini" with Chicken and Cheese     , 235 g
Code: V44291L
Barcode: 4771033488214
Dumplings Vaikiski, with turkey, 350g
Code: V501252
Barcode: 4770500200328
no image
Frozen silky potato balls, 500 g
Code: V501J53
Barcode: 4770685192272
no image
Homemade crepes with meat filling, 26 x 130 g
Code: V513A11
Barcode: 4770556192639
Pizza DOMANA with champignons, 305 g
Code: U51M120
Barcode: 5901537004736
no image
Dumplings for roasting, 500 g
Code: V501Y15
Barcode: 4770553191079
Frozen crepes, with strawberry, (60gx~100pcs), 6kg
Code: V513A2F
Barcode: 5460701827490
Frozen fish nuggets, 240g
Code: U5181AC
Barcode: 5900972006688
Pizza DOMANA with salami, 305 g
Code: U51M121
Barcode: 5901537004743