Lasagna with meat, frozen, 3 kg
Code: U1612A5
Barcode: 4779033974928
Cheese pops FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U50534C
Barcode: 8710679013554
Frozen spicy cheese pots CATER QUALITY, 1 kg
Code: U50633W
Barcode: 5705518769504
Mexican snack of frozen vegetables Tex Mex, 1 kg
Code: U50633X
Barcode: 5705518769207
Frozen cheese snack Mac & Cheese, 1 kg
Code: U50633Y
Barcode: 5705518769214
Frozen Cheder cheese snack Lava Bites, 1 kg
Code: U50633Z
Barcode: 5705518769252
Frozen snack sweet potato balls, 1 kg
Code: U50634A
Barcode: 5705518769269
Frozen cheese snack Paprinos, 1 kg
Code: U50634C
Barcode: 5705518769276
Frozen mozarella sticks CATER QUALITY, 1 kg
Code: U50634L
Barcode: 5705518769528
no image
Frozen pancakes BABUŠKA ANIA, 320 g
Code: U5183ER
Barcode: 4810168052270
SM Big Americana Pepperoni  Pizza 10's (25cm) 468G
Code: U51H32W
Barcode: 5391520188886
San Marco SB Mozzarella 10's ( 25cm) 320G
Code: U51H32X
Barcode: 5391527072638
San Marco Takeaway Meatfeast 11,5's ( 30cm) 578G
Code: U51H32Y
Barcode: 5391520189906
SM Big Americana Doner Kebab Pizza 10's (25cm) 485G
Code: U51H32Z
Barcode: 5391527075516
San Marco Vegan Falafel Pizza 11,5's  (30cm) 377G
Code: U51H33C
Barcode: 5391527075530
no image
Frozen BONDUELLE falafel, 1kg
Code: U51HH3A
Barcode: 3083681107241
no image
Frozen BONDUELLE spinach snack, 1kg
Code: U51HH3B
Barcode: 3083681107180
no image
Frozen BONDUELLE rice snack, 1kg
Code: U51HH3C
Barcode: 3083681107210
Frozen pizza-donut BAKERMAN, with salami, 85g
Code: U51M211
Barcode: 4370765395
Pizza Feliciana Pollo Ricotta 335g
Code: U51M301
Barcode: 5900437924519
Pizza FELICIANA Quattro Formaggi 325g
Code: U51M302
Barcode: 5900437705125
Pizza Guseppe Ham Garlic Sauce 440g
Code: U51M661
Barcode: 5900437005218
Pizza Ristorante Quattro Formaggi 340g
Code: U51M662
Barcode: 4001724027348
Pizza Ristorante Spinaci 390g
Code: U51M663
Barcode: 4001724034018