Snickers Crispy ice cream bar
Code: C046774
Barcode: 5000159526111
Snickers Tube 450ml
Code: C046775
Barcode: 5000159529549
Snickers White ice cream bar
Code: C046776
Barcode: 5000159509756
Bounty Tube 450ml
Code: M0A1661
Barcode: 5000159537353
Edible ice cream LION, in a waffle cone, 110ml
Code: U0254Z1
Barcode: 5900130031408
Edible ice cream LION, on a stick, 100ml
Code: U0254Z2
Barcode: 5903021303721
Edible ice cream MANHATTAN, orange flavor, 1400 ml
Code: U0254Z6
Barcode: 5903021301314
Edible ice cream OREO, on a stick, 110 ml
Code: U0254ZC
Barcode: 5900130033112
Edible ice cream DAIM, on a stick, 110 ml
Code: U0254ZE
Barcode: 5900130033099
Edible ice cream TOBLERONE, on a stick, 100 ml
Code: U0254ZH
Barcode: 4007993020295
Ice cream YUKKI, vanilla flavor, 500 g
Code: U5183EH
Barcode: 4810168052041
Ice cream YUKKI, vanilla flavor, 1kg
Code: U5183EJ
Barcode: 4810168042905
Ice cream HAAGEN DAZS, with salty caramel, 80ml
Code: V1413H7
Barcode: 3415587422836
Ice cream HAAGEN DAZS, with macadamia nuts, 80ml
Code: V1413H8
Barcode: 3415587421839
Vassal ice cream AURUM with banana flavor, 70 ml
Code: V4095EA
Barcode: 4779040600926
Vanilla ice cream POLS, in a waffle cone, 200 ml
Code: V40961Y
Barcode: 4750025897371
Ice-cream MAGNUM Double Billionaire, 85ml
Code: V409834
Barcode: 8711327480537
no image
Vanilla ice cream SVALIA, with almonds, 80 ml
Code: V409C29
Barcode: 4770237056656
Vanilla plombir NYKŠTUKAS, 4x80 ml
Code: V409F14
Barcode: 4770237056786
Vanilla ice cream DADU, 6*65 g
Code: V51X14O
Barcode: 4770166221880