no image
Frozen pork belly steak  IBERICO, ~1,3 kg
Code: U50JM10
Barcode: 23028887
no image
Frozen pork loin ribs IBERICO, ~1kg
Code: U50JM1P
Barcode: 23027441
Frozen pork loin Iberico, with rib, ~ 1 kg
Code: U50JM1S
Barcode: 23027443
no image
Frozen pork jowl steak IBERICO, ~0.4 kg
Code: U50JM1Y
Barcode: 23028883
no image
Frozen pork loin steak IBERICO, ~1,5 kg
Code: U50JM20
Barcode: 23028888
no image
Pork tenderlion, frozen, ~1 kg
Code: U51511M
Barcode: 24979518
no image
Frozen pork ribs 10 cm, ~3 kg
Code: V51AR52
Barcode: 2535101
no image
Frozen piglet carre, ~1,2-2,1 kg
Code: U515164
Barcode: 23575957
no image
Frozen ork shoulder boneless, ~3kg
Code: U51949P
Barcode: 2536565
no image
Code: U51H22H
Barcode: 4771459688922
no image
Frozen pork loin ribs, 10 kg
Code: V519559
Barcode: 4771459059784
no image
Frozen pork feet, in vacuum, ~0,7 kg
Code: V519A21
Barcode: 24609737
Frozen pig ragout, in plastic bag, ~1 kg
Code: V519A25
Barcode: 2534469
no image
Frozen pig leg, suckling, ~1,4-3,2 kg
Code: U515165
Barcode: 23575976
no image
Frozen pork ribs 10 cm, ~10 kg
Code: V51AR5J
Barcode: 2535102
no image
Frozen suckling pig, kobuty, ~4-6 kg
Code: U515168
Barcode: 23575978
no image
Frozen pork liver, in vacuum, ~0,8 kg
Code: V519A23
Barcode: 24609148
no image
Frozen suckling pig, halves, ~2-3 kg
Code: U515167
Barcode: 23575977
no image
Frozen pork collar, kg
Code: V519831
Barcode: 2534535
no image
Frozen pork loin, boneless, skinless, kg
Code: V519833
Barcode: 2595140
Frozen pork collar boneless, kg
Code: U519428
Barcode: 2535305
no image
Frozen pork ham, 4D, ~2 kg 6100021
Code: V51AR5A
Barcode: 2536564
no image
Frozen pork cheaks, kg
Code: V51K53Z
Barcode: 2535900
Frozen  turkey - pork minced meat RAGNOS, 500 g
Code: V51K55C
Barcode: 4771459045152
Frozen turkey pork - beef minced RAGNOS, 500 g
Code: V51K55E
Barcode: 4771459045169