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Frozen beef tongues, kg
Code: V519812
Barcode: 2599695
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The Meat Lovers Sirloin staek, USA, 300g
Code: U51H21C
Barcode: 2385140418099
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Beef steak, with bone, USA, 500g
Code: U51H21U
Barcode: 4771459053225
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Broiler chicken fillet, frozen, in bag, kg
Code: V51911A
Barcode: 2579776
no image
Broiler chicken, frozen, kg
Code: V519111
Barcode: 2578673
no image
Frozen beef round boneless, PAD, HALAL,kg
Code: U519H2G
Barcode: 2535301
no image
Frozen chicken fillet, in bags, ~1 kg
Code: U51F511
Barcode: 2594444
no image
Broiler chicken drumsticks, frozen, kg
Code: V519118
Barcode: 2555130
no image
Broiler chicken wings, frozen, kg
Code: V519119
Barcode: 2555131
Frozen chicken minced meat, frozen, 0,8 kg
Code: V51921E
Barcode: 4770276200041
Minced turkey meat, frozen, 500 g
Code: V519N25
Barcode: 4770536191188
no image
Frozen chicken prime wings,  10 kg
Code: U51932F
Barcode: 4771459051566
Frozen  turkey - pork minced meat RAGNOS, 500 g
Code: V51K55C
Barcode: 4771459045152
no image
Frozen chicken drumstick SUCETE
Code: V519628
Barcode: 2500224
no image
Frozen chicken  prime wing, kg
Code: V519839
Barcode: 7894904051939
Frozen pork - beef minced RAGNOS, 500 g
Code: V51K55E
Barcode: 4771459045169
Frozen  Megeju mince RAGNOS, 500 g
Code: V51K55F
Barcode: 4771459045176
no image
Broiler chicken thighs, frozen, kg
Code: V519115
Barcode: 2555129
no image
Broiler chicken breast, frozen, kg
Code: V519116
Barcode: 2555132