For Vegetarians Vegans

Soy balls ANAMMA, 300g
Code: V95Y42H
Barcode: 7310240120035
Soy sausages ANAMMA, 300g
Code: V95Y42J
Barcode: 7310240120042
Soy schnizel ANAMMA, 300g
Code: V95Y42K
Barcode: 7310240120189
Soy burger patties ANAMMA, 320g
Code: V95Y42L
Barcode: 7310240120028
Formable minced ANAMMA, 850g
Code: V95Y42M
Barcode: 7310240120127
VEGBURGER, with green beans and peas, frozen, 2x80g
Code: V518731
Barcode: 4779044080113
VEGBURGER, with beetroot and honey, frozen, 2x80 g
Code: V518732
Barcode: 4779044080120