Frozen meat products

Frozen meatballs, baked, 2 kg
Code: V50C7LM
Barcode: 23603175
Frozen smoked breakfast sausages INDYKPOL, 800 g
Code: V50K131
Barcode: 5901869006255
Frozen white breakfast sausages INDYKPOL, 800 g
Code: V50K132
Barcode: 5901869006231
Frozen breakfast sausages INDYKPOL, 800 g
Code: V50K133
Barcode: 5901869006408
Cutlet Kiev, fried, frozen, 0,165kg (30 pcs)
Code: V519NB1
Barcode: 4779033973631
Meat cutlet JŪRATĖ, frozen, 0,126 kg (30vnt)
Code: V519NB2
Barcode: 4779033971088
Frozen schnitzel, fried, 120 g
Code: V519NBJ
Barcode: 4779033971231
Frozen fried pork carbonate, 125 g
Code: V519NBP
Barcode: 4779033971361
Chicken kiev frozen cutlet, not cooked, 158 g
Code: V519NC1
Barcode: 4779033971453
Frozen chicken kebab, 2,5kg
Code: U51942E
Barcode: 2078868025006
Frozen roasted chicken wings, hot & spicy, 500 g
Code: U51943H
Barcode: 5901664007754
The Frozen Butcher IBERICO pork burger, 2 x 125 g
Code: U51JZ21
Barcode: 8715331018298
Pork kebab, grilled, 1,5 kg
Code: V511210
Barcode: 4779032210119
Frozen sausages NAMINES, 500 g
Code: V519NA1
Barcode: 4770536191157
Frozen Viennese schnitzel, 150 g
Code: V519NC9
Barcode: 4779033973006
Soy balls ANAMMA, 300g
Code: V95Y42H
Barcode: 7310240120035
Roasted chicken kebab, frozen, 2,5 kg
Code: U519435
Barcode: 5908311705797
Breaded Chicken Nuggets, frozen, 500g
Code: U51943K
Barcode: 5902461006100
Frozen  beef kebab BERLIN DOENER, 10 kg
Code: U519EA1
Barcode: 4260170022103
Soy sausages ANAMMA, 300g
Code: V95Y42J
Barcode: 7310240120042
Breaded Chicken Nuggets,  frozen, 1 kg
Code: U51943J
Barcode: 5902461005547
no image
The Frozen Butcher US BEEF burger, 2 x 125 g
Code: U51JZ23
Barcode: 8715331018243
Frozen pork kebab, ~10 kg
Code: V50C8E2
Barcode: 23330769
no image
Home style deep-frozen schnitzel
Code: V519NA6
Barcode: 4770536192048
Soy schnizel ANAMMA, 300g
Code: V95Y42K
Barcode: 7310240120189
Frozen chicken kebab, 10 kg
Code: X412278
Barcode: 5907709755215
Frozen beef kebab, 10 kg
Code: X412280
Barcode: 5907501896475
Frozen minced meat kebab, beef - chicken, 10 kg
Code: U519410
Barcode: 5903111565824
Frozen  chicken kebab BERLIN DOENER, 10 kg
Code: U519EA2
Barcode: 4260170023100
no image
The Frozen Butcher WAGYU beef burger,2 x 125 g
Code: U51JZ24
Barcode: 8715331018267
Soy burger patties ANAMMA, 320g
Code: V95Y42L
Barcode: 7310240120028
Frozen  chicken kebab BERLIN DOENER, 7 kg
Code: U519EA3
Barcode: 4260170023070
Chicken beef kebab, grilled, 1,5 kg
Code: V511211
Barcode: 4779032210102
Formable minced ANAMMA, 850g
Code: V95Y42M
Barcode: 7310240120127
Frozen chicken thighs kebab, 10 kg
Code: U519412
Barcode: 5903111565626
no image
Roasted chicken fillets, deep frozen, 1 kg
Code: U51943U
Barcode: 5901664008010
Frozen pork kebab, ~5 kg
Code: V50C8E1
Barcode: 24919108
VEGBURGER, with green beans and peas, frozen, 2x80g
Code: V518731
Barcode: 4779044080113
Chicken brest kebab, 10 kg
Code: U519413
Barcode: 5903111565763
Roasted chicken wings, frozen, 1 kg
Code: U51942S
Barcode: 5908311708361
no image
The Frozen butcher ANGUS beef burger, 2 x 125 g
Code: U51JZ31
Barcode: 8715331018281
VEGBURGER, with beetroot and honey, frozen, 2x80 g
Code: V518732
Barcode: 4779044080120
Frozen breaded chicken wings AJ FOOD, 1,2 kg
Code: U5052C4
Barcode: 5900757060065