Battered Formed Squid Rings, 1 kg

Product composition

Squid (40%)(MOLLUSC), WHEAT flour, water, sunflower oil, starch (WHEAT), yeast, salt, sugar, thickeners (E 407 carrageenan and E 412 guar gum), raising agents (E 450 diphosphates, E 500 sodium carbonate) and colour (E 101 riboflavin).*May Contain traces
Rings formed from Dosidicus spp block by means of a extrusion and gellyng process, battered, prefried and frozen.
* FRYING PAN: Fry without defrosting, in abundant and very hot oil (180-190?C.). In order to maintain the oil temperature, we recommend you fry few pieces at one time. In order to obtain a crunchy and golden batter, turn them over immediately and fry fo