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Sushi EBI 5L, 9,1-9,5cm, 260 g
Code: U5122E6
Barcode: 4007456591782
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Sushi EBI 3L, 8,1-8,5 cm, 180 g
Code: U5122E7
Barcode: 4007456591195
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Sushi EBI 4L, 8,6-9 cm, 220 g
Code: U5122E8
Barcode: 4007456591409
Battered squidring, pre-fried, iqf, 500 g
Code: U51A64C
Barcode: 8432145003844
Battered Formed Squid Rings, 1 kg
Code: U51A80A
Barcode: 8432145003639
Frozen prawns in FILO pastry, tail on, 500g
Code: U51A671
Barcode: 5420076407339
Shrimps BUTTERFLY, tail on, raw, 500g
Code: U51A672
Barcode: 5420076407155
Frozen caviar Masago, wasabi, 500 g
Code: V51E214
Barcode: 4751001390480
Ice for the chilled fish, 300 kg
Code: V5187A0
Barcode: 4771390113903
Breaded Shrimp TEMPURA, with tail, 500g
Code: U51A732
Barcode: 5420076407346
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Frog legs, 6/8, 0,8 kg
Code: U51A62F
Barcode: 5420076402662
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Squid rings, not cooked, 25%, 375g/500g
Code: U51A754
Barcode: 5702008200530