Frozen sea products

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Norway lobster shells with forceps, uncooked, 5 kg
Code: U512137
Barcode: 4870081000581
Frozen masago caviar, orange, 1 kg
Code: U5122J0
Barcode: 654156850295
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Seafood coctail mix, 5 ingredients, raw, 20%, 1 kg
Code: U518216
Barcode: 4740590070361
Frozen squid rings SANTA BREMOR, 7% glaze, 250 g
Code: U51830E
Barcode: 4810168048631
Frozen caviar Masago Amai/Lux, orange, 500 g
Code: U518336
Barcode: 4810168027957
Frozen caviar Masago Renka, green, 500 g
Code: U518338
Barcode: 4810168042202
Frozen caviar Masago  Amai/Lux, green, 500g
Code: U518349
Barcode: 4810168023041
Frozen caviar Tobiko Ikko, crimson, 500 g
Code: U51834A
Barcode: 4810168021085
Frozen caviarTobiko Ikko, orange, 500 g
Code: U51834C
Barcode: 4810168021092
Frozen caviar Tobiko Ikko, black, 500 g
Code: U51834E
Barcode: 4810168021108
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Frozen octopus, cooked, 550/800g
Code: U518401
Barcode: 23026559
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Frozen octopus, cooked, 1,2/1,5kg
Code: U518402
Barcode: 23026560
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Frozen octopus legs, cooked, 300g
Code: U518405
Barcode: 8436560590088
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Frozen octopus legs, cooked, 500g
Code: U518406
Barcode: 8436560590071
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Squid tubes U5, 30%, 1/0,7 kg
Code: U51A621
Barcode: 8710935951460
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Squid tubes U10, 30%, 1kg/0,7kg
Code: U51A622
Barcode: 5702008266031
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Chile mussels whole cooked in shell, 40/60, 1 kg
Code: U51A704
Barcode: 8717755235817
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Frozen snowcrab meat, 35/65%, 400g
Code: U51A70N
Barcode: 5413270112635
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Frozen crayfish tailmeat, 100/200, 20% 1 kg
Code: U51A70P
Barcode: 5702008213370
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Octopus, baby, 40/60, 25%, 1 kg
Code: U51A71T
Barcode: 5702008237833
Giant squid tentacles, uncooked, 10% glaze, 800 g
Code: U51A72S
Barcode: 5602489015831
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Squid tubes U10, 30%, 1kg/0,7kg
Code: U51A75U
Barcode: 8710935951217
Frozen  green masago, 500 g
Code: U51A761
Barcode: 4932395001392
Frozen  orange masago, 500 g
Code: U51A762
Barcode: 4932395001378
Frozen  black masago, 500 g
Code: U51A763
Barcode: 5690922002654
Frozen red masago, 500 g
Code: U51A764
Barcode: 4932395001385
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Frozen squid, small, with tentacles, ~5 kg
Code: U51A76C
Barcode: 23026891
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Octopus, baby cleaned, 40/60, 20%,~kg
Code: U51A76M
Barcode: 23028248