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Norway lobster shells with forceps, uncooked, 5 kg
Code: U512137
Barcode: 4870081000581
Mussels FJORD'S, in breadcrumbs, 500g
Code: U5122HE
Barcode: 4771459077764
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Seafood cocktail mix, 5 ingredients, raw, 20%, 800g
Code: U518216
Barcode: 4740590070361
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Chile mussels whole cooked in shell, 40/60, 1 kg
Code: U51A704
Barcode: 8719214286743
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Frozen snowcrab meat, 35/65%, 400g
Code: U51A70N
Barcode: 5413270112635
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Frozen crayfish tailmeat, 100/200, 20% 1 kg
Code: U51A70P
Barcode: 4007456503051
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Octopus, baby, 40/60, 20%, 1 kg
Code: U51A71T
Barcode: 5710881212304
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Squid tubes U10, 25%, 1kg/0,7kg
Code: U51A75U
Barcode: 8719214280970
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Frozen squid, small, with tentacles, ~5 kg
Code: U51A76C
Barcode: 23026891
Giant squid tentacles, uncooked, 1 kg
Code: U51A76K
Barcode: 8436038962645
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Frozen crabs, soft shell, 1kg
Code: U51A77K
Barcode: 8813069555365
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Canadian Lobster whole cooked in popsicle, 550 g
Code: U51A78T
Barcode: 4771459691892