Fish pre-cooked products

Frozen crab sticks SANTA BREMOR, 100 g
Code: U508317
Barcode: 4810168001889
Frozen crab sticks SANTA BREMOR, 200 g
Code: U508318
Barcode: 4810168001933
Frozen crab sticks ECONOM, 100 g
Code: U508319
Barcode: 4810168002749
Frozen crab sticks ECONOM, 240 g
Code: U50831A
Barcode: 4810168006242
Frozen crab sticks EKONOM, 1 kg
Code: U50831B
Barcode: 4810168013127
Frozen burgers in light breading with parsley, 170g
Code: U5181C3
Barcode: 5900972007739
Fillet portions of frozen fish, with spinach, 220 g
Code: U5181C5
Barcode: 5905009026882
Frozen fish fillet, in dough, 210g
Code: U5181C6
Barcode: 5900972007944