Frozen dough and bread

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Yeast frozen puff pastry sheets, 500g
Code: V442937
Barcode: 4771033471124
Dark italian bread CIABATTA, 300 g
Code: V446N99
Barcode: 4750192770729
White italian bread CIABATTA, 300 g
Code: V446N9A
Barcode: 4750192770705
Multigrain rolls, 40 g
Code: V446P14
Barcode: 2999116024407
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Dark rolls, 40 g x 50 pcs
Code: V446P15
Barcode: 4740086006362
French loaf with garlic butter, 175 g
Code: V446P24
Barcode: 4740086005556
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Frozen ginger biscuits pastry, 800 g
Code: V446P2T
Barcode: 4770635198859
Frozen black bread, sliced, 6   g
Code: V446R12
Barcode: 4740086008106
Frozen various grain bread, sliced, 650 g
Code: V446R13
Barcode: 4740086013629
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Frozen puff pastry, without yeast, 9 kg
Code: V446R17
Barcode: 4742696000457
Frozen bread VITA, sliced, 500 g
Code: V446R18
Barcode: 4740086008656
Frozen puff pastry dough, BABUSKA ANIA, 450 g
Code: V518E10
Barcode: 4810168047351