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French pastries Kanel, 160 g
Code: V50F1A1
Barcode: 4770078193701
Bun with cinnamon, 7  g
Code: V446P1M
Barcode: 4740086007291
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Small custard delight, 45 g x 110 pcs 29320
Code: U4445JC
Barcode: 8424465293203
Butter mini chocolate delight, 45 g x 110 pcs 41960
Code: U4445JE
Barcode: 8424465419603
Butter ready tobake croissants, 55 g x 6 pcs.
Code: U44451U
Barcode: 4771459046920
Pastry roll with cinamon and apples, 75 g
Code: V446P17
Barcode: 2999116024438
Donut DOTS, with sugar, american, frozen, 49 g
Code: U4445C0
Barcode: 8424465657609
Donut DOTS, with pink glaze, american, frozen, 60 g
Code: U4445C2
Barcode: 8424465606614
Donut DOTS Mini, with sugar glaze, frozen, 28 g
Code: U4445C6
Barcode: 8424465298802
Donut DOTS Mini, with sugar, frozen, 12 g
Code: U4445C7
Barcode: 8424465642100
Donut DOTS, no filling, american, frozen, 44 g
Code: U4445C8
Barcode: 8424465297454
Mini donuts TRIO,  9 pcs., 250g
Code: U4445D1
Barcode: 5411823867841
Butter croissant, 55g x 25 pcs, S3611
Code: U4445J6
Barcode: 3291811148426
FROZEN Kaiser roll, 55gx100pcs
Code: U4445MP
Barcode: 301450