Glazed vanilla ice cream PASAKA, 90 ml
Code: V43319N
Barcode: 4770237056861
Mini bun with curd, 40 g
Code: V446P25
Barcode: 4742696002154
Mini bun with apples and cinnamon, 40 g x 30 pcs
Code: V446P26
Barcode: 2999116024452
no image
Pastry roll with curd, 75 g
Code: V446R1A
Barcode: 4740086007628
Falafel, quick-frozen, 500 g
Code: V501435
Barcode: 4770274485907
Cheburek stuffed with meat, 7vnt, 1kg
Code: V5014P2
Barcode: 4770274482821
Frozen potatoes pancakes Zemaiciai with meat, 700 g
Code: V501613
Barcode: 4770090192928
Dumplings with chicken & black fungus GYOZA, 400 g
Code: V501V1L
Barcode: 4770190092951
no image
Home-made pancakes with curd,  26 x 140 g, 3,64 kg
Code: V501Y3N
Barcode: 4770556192622
no image
Frozen ŽEMAIČIŲ pancakes, 40 x 140 g, 5,6 kg
Code: V501Y3P
Barcode: 4770556192493
no image
Crepe with cheese and ham filling, 30 x 100 g, 3 kg
Code: V501Y3T
Barcode: 4770556192929
no image
Bonduelle frozen vegetables mix SUN, 2,5 kg
Code: V50438U
Barcode: 3083681032512
no image
Gooseberries, IQF, 1 kg
Code: V50622U
Barcode: 4779021903213
no image
Pineapples, segments, IQF, 1 kg
Code: V50622V
Barcode: 4779021904739
no image
Chokeberries, IQF, 1 kg
Code: V50622W
Barcode: 4779021903305
no image
Rhubarbs, slices, IQF, 2,5 kg
Code: V50622Z
Barcode: 4779021901714
no image
IQF chanterelles, blanched, 2 kg
Code: V50623K
Barcode: 4779039220241
no image
Currants, black, IQF, 1 kg
Code: V50623P
Barcode: 4779021900847
no image
Onions, cubes, IQF, 10x10mm, 2,5 kg
Code: V50623R
Barcode: 4779021900946
no image
Frozen blackberries, IQF, 1kg
Code: V50623T
Barcode: 4779021903503
Frozen mango, cubes, IQF, 10x10mm, 1kg
Code: V50623U
Barcode: 4779021902575
no image
Frozen corn 2.5 kg
Code: V50623W
Barcode: 4779021901691
no image
Frozen forest mushrooms, 1 kg
Code: V50623Y
Barcode: 4779021901080
no image
Frozen boletus edulis whole,  4-6 cm, 1kg
Code: V506250
Barcode: 5905643054593
no image
Frozen boletus edulis cubes, 1 kg
Code: V506251
Barcode: 5905643054586
no image
Frozen forest mushroms mix, 1kg
Code: V506252
Barcode: 5905643054609
no image
Frozen shiitake quarters, 1kg
Code: V506253
Barcode: 5905643054616
no image
Frozen catfish fillet,  ~2,5 kg
Code: V50848M
Barcode: 2536996
no image
Frozen salmon meat, 500g
Code: V508F06
Barcode: 4771459078181
no image
Frozen turkey (without giblets), 6-7kg
Code: V50943M
Barcode: 2312166
Frozen beef breast ~5 kg
Code: V50A9JF
Barcode: 2534444
no image
Frozen beef tails, kg
Code: V50A9K7
Barcode: 2534598
no image
Frzoen minced beef 80/20, vacuum 2.0kg
Code: V50A9KV
Barcode: 2533499
Frozen meatballs, baked, 2 kg
Code: V50C7LM
Barcode: 23603175