no image
Octopus, baby, 26/40, 25%, 1 kg
Code: U51A76P
Barcode: 5702008237819
Oilfish fillet, skinless, 10% gl, ~2-7 kg
Code: U51AC15
Barcode: 23028242
no image
Frozen chicken fillet trimmings, 2kg
Code: U51F519
Barcode: 2533961
no image
Frozen chicken fillet ~2 kg
Code: U51F524
Barcode: 2533666
no image
Frozen duck inner fillet, kg
Code: U51H202
Barcode: 2534362
no image
Frozen rabbit  hindlegs kg
Code: U51H210
Barcode: 2535790
no image
Frozen beef tenderloin steak Filet Mignon 225 g
Code: U51H216
Barcode: 8713603027375
no image
The Meat Lovers Bavette staek, UY, 300g
Code: U51H21J
Barcode: 8718546168314
no image
The Meat Lovers Picanha staek, AUS,300g
Code: U51H21K
Barcode: 8718546168321
no image
The Meat Lovers Ribeye staek SA grasfed, NL, 250g
Code: U51H21M
Barcode: 8719661036304
no image
The Meat Wagyu Beef staek, SA, 225g
Code: U51H21N
Barcode: 8719661036380
no image
The Meat Lovers Lamb Chops, NZ, 250g
Code: U51H21S
Barcode: 8719661045306
no image
Frozen corn-feed chicken, 500g.
Code: U51H221
Barcode: 3199660001308
no image
Frozen duck,  2,8 kg
Code: U51H230
Barcode: 4771459052839
no image
Frozen Guinea fowl whole, kg France
Code: U51H239
Barcode: 2534268
no image
Frozen duck fillet with skin, kg
Code: U51H23F
Barcode: 23961743
Frozen duck legs, 2x200 - 300g
Code: U51H23G
Barcode: 2806194
no image
Frozen duck fillet with skin, 250-300 g
Code: U51H23W
Barcode: 2806073
no image
Frozen duck legs, 2 pc., kg
Code: U51H23X
Barcode: 2533529
no image
Frozsen duck, with internal organs 2,3kg
Code: U51H249
Barcode: 5099459000193
no image
Goose, frozen (with giblets), 4,2kg
Code: U51H24U
Barcode: 2802725042000
no image
Frozen blueberry cultivated, IQF, 1kg
Code: U51H25W
Barcode: 5907628813508
no image
Frozen exotic fruit mixture, 1kg
Code: U51H264
Barcode: 5902815701767
no image
Frozen beef carpaccio 10x80g
Code: U51H26F
Barcode: 8713603014665
no image
Frozen lamb rib chops, 75 mm , 1 kg, New Zeeland
Code: U51H26H
Barcode: 8713603027832
no image
Frozen duck, without giblets,  2,5 kg
Code: U51H26J
Barcode: 5904170022792
no image
Frozen Beef CUBE-ROLLSTEAK, 200 g
Code: U51H26L
Barcode: 8713603014719
Frozen apple cubes, 2.5 kg
Code: U51H26W
Barcode: 5902815700401
no image
Goose, frozen ( with neck and giblets), 4,4kg
Code: U51H27D
Barcode: 2802739050008
no image
Frozen corn chicken whole, 1,2 kg
Code: U51H27H
Barcode: 5904170021665
no image
IQF zucchini, cubes 10x10, 2,5 kg
Code: U51H27R
Barcode: 5902815702153
no image
IQF green peas, 400 g
Code: U51H27U
Barcode: 5902815702764
no image
IQF Tomato diced 10x10mm, 2,5 kg
Code: U51H27W
Barcode: 5902815700135
no image
IQF cauliflower, 40-60 mm, 400 g
Code: U51H27X
Barcode: 5902815702740
no image
IQF vegetable mixture ROYAL, 400 g
Code: U51H27Y
Barcode: 5902815702856
no image
IQF vegetable Spring mixture, 2,5 kg
Code: U51H27Z
Barcode: 5902815701224
Frozen blueberries, 1kg
Code: U51H288
Barcode: 5901958611643
no image
Spring IQF onion cut, 3-6 mm, 1kg
Code: U51H28E
Barcode: 5907628813430
no image
Slow growing chicken, frozen, 1,6 kg
Code: U51H28P
Barcode: 5903157001041
no image
Frozen rabbit  back with bone ~450g.
Code: U51H28W
Barcode: 2594446
no image
Frozen mushrooms, chopped, 1kg
Code: U51H290
Barcode: 5902815701323
no image
IQF avocado cubes 15x15mm, 1 kg
Code: U51H291
Barcode: 5425001800667
no image
IQF avocado halves, 1 kg
Code: U51H292
Barcode: 5425001801138
no image
Super chunky Avocado Pulp HPP, frozen, 1 kg
Code: U51H293
Barcode: 5425001801534