Frozen beef breast ~5 kg
Code: V50A9JF
Barcode: 2534444
no image
Frozen beef tails, kg
Code: V50A9K7
Barcode: 2534598
no image
Frzoen minced beef 80/20, vacuum 2.0kg
Code: V50A9KV
Barcode: 2533499
Frozen meatballs, baked, 2 kg
Code: V50C7LM
Barcode: 23603175
Mini dumplings with meat SUPER, 700 g
Code: V50E1A1
Barcode: 4770511211207
no image
French pastries Kanel, 160 g
Code: V50F1A1
Barcode: 4770078193701
Frozen smoked breakfast sausages INDYKPOL, 800 g
Code: V50K131
Barcode: 5901869006255
Frozen white breakfast sausages INDYKPOL, 800 g
Code: V50K132
Barcode: 5901869006231
Frozen breakfast sausages INDYKPOL, 800 g
Code: V50K133
Barcode: 5901869006408
Frozen Tartar cake with meat filling, 7 pcs.
Code: V511601
Barcode: 4770353195390
Frozen Tartar cake with chicken filling, 7 pcs.
Code: V511602
Barcode: 4770353195413
no image
Frozen chicken thights oyster cut, 15 kg
Code: V519011
Barcode: 4771459056394
no image
Broiler chicken fillet, frozen, kg
Code: V51911B
Barcode: 2570609
no image
Broiler chicken thighs, frozen, kg
Code: V519120
Barcode: 23027905
no image
Frozen beef liver, kg
Code: V519252
Barcode: 2599766
Mini meatballs, frozen, 1 kg
Code: V519524
Barcode: 4740003014593
no image
Frozen chicken minced fillet, ~2kg
Code: V51961K
Barcode: 2534618
no image
Frozen Chicken supreme g, kg
Code: V51963A
Barcode: 2500234
no image
Frozen pork loin, kg
Code: V519838
Barcode: 2598689
no image
Frozen turkey natural minced meat, ~2,5 kg
Code: V51985E
Barcode: 23027457
no image
Frozen turkey fillet`s ground meat, ~2,5 kg
Code: V51985F
Barcode: 23027456
no image
Frozen beef bones marrow, ~15kg
Code: V519A15
Barcode: 2535285
Frozen beef bone marrow, kg
Code: V519A1B
Barcode: 23551585
Frozen pork ribs, ~1 kg
Code: V519C1M
Barcode: 2535502
no image
Frozen beef round EKO, kg
Code: V519E24
Barcode: 2535494
no image
Frozen beef meat slices 90/10,~ 2.5 kg
Code: V519E2K
Barcode: 2534897
Frozen chicken fillet minced meat, 450 g
Code: V519N28
Barcode: 4770536193069
Frozen minced beef meat, 400 g
Code: V519N2F
Barcode: 4770536191119
Cutlet Kiev, fried, frozen, 0,165kg (30 pcs)
Code: V519NB1
Barcode: 4779033973631
Meat cutlet JŪRATĖ, frozen, 0,126 kg (30vnt)
Code: V519NB2
Barcode: 4779033971088